Quiltalong - 2024

Awesome quilt! The polaroid block is so cool, and the tipped one is a great detail.


This is fantastic and so impressive for your first quilt. I absolutely love that the kwality block is skewed


Ada took a good nap today, so I was able to finish quilting the Rose Garden quilt today. Even managed to get the binding pieced and stitched on the front. Hoping to get the binding finished and make a label during tomorrow’s nap.


-I skrutt, submit this as my late June BOM entry


And here is my mums;


-I skrutt, submit this as my current July BOM entry

And my mums;


All the blocks looks great, but I really love the last one by your mom!


That July block looks hard but you and your mom pulled it off beautifully.


I can thank my mum for it! She has been sewing her whole life, and started quilting in her 40s, so she have some experience.
The July block has both a paper piecing version, and one where you cut and sew as regular. We did the paper piecing one, and my brain melted from the backward thinking! But they turned out so clean and crisp. :slight_smile:

@AIMR Thank you! I will let her know! :smiley:


Finished the Rose Garden quilt and stitched up a label for it yesterday. I should be able to stitch the label on and wash it today during nap time.


I marionberries , submit this as my July BOM entry.

I did a 6" x 6" size, and my small triangle don’t match up. I’ll have to go back and see what I did wrong, it’s paper piecing, this should not have happened. But I’ll still use it in my star quilt. I really like it.
And I always have to relearn how to do paper piecing, my brain just cannot retain it and usually needs a nap after a bout of PP sewing.

I marionberries , offer Spinning Star for *July prompt
This went together fairly easily with paper piecing. I couldn’t find my freezer paper so I went with traditional paper piecing. It was a little tricky towards the end of the center block, but it worked.

Links to video tutorial and PDF https://paulastorm.wixsite.com/sasqa/single-post/2016/11/23/row-4-flying-geese


Both stars are pretty cool! I thought the first one was supposed to be like that…it looks fun and swirly…I like it just as you did it, so I guess it was a “design choice” and not a mistake! ha

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They both look good, but the bottom one is so crisp. Very impressive.

Third Quarter Goals
-Finish the Rose Garden Quilt as a raffle donation for Jim’s family reunion.
-Finish D&D mug rug & coffee warmer for Jim.
-Create a scrappy project for the Sew Scrappy Swap.
-Make one quilt with 2.5" strips.
-Make one quilt (of any style and type) out of any stash (cuts or yardage).
-Finish 3 “unexpected” & 1 “expected” Harry Potter kids quilts for donation. (2 Mary Grandpre, 1 cream/teal/brown, 1 black/red/yellow/green/blue)
-Catch up on my BOMs


It’s Jennie’s World! Jennie’s World! It’s Scrappy time! Excellent!!!


Very nice, I need to get cracking on that one


Love all the colors!

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I did something which feels super big for me today, I entered my unicorn quilt in to a local quilt show! It was a very amazing experience to have my quilt up for display with some of the other amazing quilts. I was so overwhelmed with all the quilts I didn’t get many photos but I feel in love with the peoples choice quilt

I also got this photo cause it reminded me of a friend


That is so great! Good for you! And your Unicorn is looking great! :smiley:

That round city is so cool! And the cats sure is fun!


Your unicorn is fantastic! Its such a stunning quilt.

Wonderful! Well done for entering too, your quilt looks fabulous!

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