Quotey cushion cover

Sent to our lovely @jemimah for the Quote Me On That swap.
Her quote suggestions were all so positive & inspiring. Since she’s in a new home this one seemed appropriate. Stamped on fabric that’s fixed with fusible web & edge stitched to secure it.
I went with a pillow, what better than a comfort item to warm a new home?

Do you know this trick for preventing “dog ears” on a cushion cover? I learned it from an interior designer I very briefly worked for after college. It’s just a subtle corner trim that doesn’t interfere with stitching but make a big difference in the end.

See how the edge appears completely straight, only a very slight rounded corner?

But then, no dog ears! It’s magical.

I found this fabric that reminded me…

…of the aboriginal art in a calendar Kirsten sent me.

I used it to make piping as well.
The zipper is inserted some what invisibly next to the piping?

A new technique for me so not quite perfect but pretty OK.

The card was way easier to piece, ha!

Cutting this out resulted in a lot of random triangles that I couldn’t bring myself to waste so even though I swore off flying geese… well…


Oh I love this so much!!! Awesome fabrics and the quote addition is perfect! I love the card too!


It’s beautiful! All the finishing makes it look so luxe - you are so skilled!


Such thoughtful design and sewistship! Once in a while I’ll forget to taper my pillow corners (luckily not with cording!) and I always find it worth it to turn the cover back inside out and redo them.


So beautiful and a lovely quote, too!




It really is absolutely gorgeous, and so beautifully made! I’m very lucky to have it :heart:

That’s an awesome trick for sewing cushion corners, thanks @Magpie - I’ll have to bookmark that one!

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You are seriously like a sewing magician. This looks amazing! The fabrics are so much fun!

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You definitely have some mad skills with a sewing machine! Looks fantastic!

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You did a beautiful job on this! I love the touch of blue on the corners and that piping is such a great touch!

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