Rabbit Wishes Lino Prints - Get Ahead of the Holidays Challenge Entry

Recently I got to take a class on lino block printing with the lovely @endymion. The instructor gave us an overview, and helped us each carve a 4"x6" block. I knew I wanted to use mine as holiday gifts, but I didn’t want them to be specifically Christmassy, so I went with a symbol of good fortune for the coming year. The humble rabbit!

I enjoyed the carving portion, but I do wish I had designed some of my detail bits to be a bit thicker. :joy:

I made a few messy prints right at the end of the class, but didn’t have time for much. It took hours to carve! When I got home, I ordered some supplies to do more prints, and some tools to carve more blocks in the future. So over the last few days I’ve practiced making prints over and over.

To be honest, I’ve made dozens and dozens, and I’m not happy with nearly all of them. Part of the charm of lino printing is that the images are often a bit rustic, but I’ve had trouble with blobby ink, not enough ink, and the wrong paper.

Blue on white printmaking paper

Purple on white printmaking paper

Metallic Copper on black paper

Metallic silver on black paper

White on brown paper

I did have a bit more luck when I switched to thinner paper, and started using the metallic inks, which were a little thinner and less sticky. These are the few that I’m willing to give as gifts. Not sure what I’m going to do with the rejects, besides recycle all that paper! :laughing:

Blue mixed with white on black paper

Purple mixed with white on black paper

Purple and white on white paper

Turquoise and white on black paper.

In all seriousness, I do plan to mat some and give them to friends and family for Christmas.

UPDATE: I did manage to mat and frame a few as gifts, and I was a lot happier with them once they were framed.

Light purple for my mom’s black, white and purple kitchen.

Silver for my MIL.


I love your design!
I did linocuts back in my college days, but we were able to use the ginormous presses in the printmaking shop. I think your printing is awesome. You’re right they’re supposed to have that “look” to them. Embrace it :rabbit: :heart:


I LOVE your rabbit prints!

Donate them to the IDEA Store!


Part of the charm of handmade stamps is the slightly rustic look! I love it! I think practicing gives you experience and you will learn with each try. It is interesting to see how you progressed on your own by just experimenting!

I think they are all worthy of gift giving.


The bunnies are charming! :rabbit:

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They are wonderful! I love the folk art design you did.

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I think they are really lovely.

Are you rolling out the ink on glass before you roll it onto the stamp. Because whenever I get prints that I’m not happy with, it’s always because I didn’t took e it out enough. It takes ages.

Random fact(that I read somewhere a long time ago, so I can’t verify it), the word cliche, comes from printmaking, apparently it’s the onomatopoaic word for the sound the ink makes when it’s reached the correct viscosity


These are really delightful! This sounds like a craft that takes a good deal of time to hone aside for the skills it takes to hone the stamp itself!

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I think they all came out great!

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Lovely bunnies, perfect for the year of the rabbit!

If the size works, the ones that maybe don’t seem perfect enough to frame would make nice greeting cards.


Thank you all for the kind words. You guys saw the best of the lot. I did just go count. I have 12 I’m willing to give away, and 53 that are not fit fore viewing! I think I might have been working on this project for too long. I might need to make a new block, in a different design, and come at it with fresh eyes.

I’m rolling the ink on the metal bench hook that came with the kit, and that our instructor taught us to use for inking. I’d try glass, but my work table is right next to Ada’s play yard, and she’s getting bigger, with grabby little hands. I’m afraid of her (or me!) breaking glass right near where she plays in bare feet.

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How big are they? You could cut down some of your “rejects” and make cards out of them.
Edit: Just read this was already suggested.

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They look amazing!

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Try get a piece of toughened glass, an old refrigerator shelf, bathroom shelf, or car window then should it fall, it won’t break into pieces.

It can also help to put out the ink roll it a bit and walk away for a few minutes, when it’s properly rolled out, the texture should be like suede.


Your rabbits are so lovely! I agree with the greeting card idea. Those would make good gifts, as well. Or as a swap item for some grabby-handed LC-ers……:wink:


These are beautiful! Your printing block is also a work of art. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Rabbit are my favorite.

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I absolutely love these! What a great idea to use the rabbit for more of an all encompassing card. It’s good that you got the chance to do some trial and error to figure out what you liked and didn’t like before you had to send them out right away. :slight_smile: If it were me, I’d probably wait until the last minute and then be scrambling with several I was unhappy with. These are amazing!

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Your rabbit prints are adorable! Great work!! I love printmaking, it does take a lot of work and practice though. I’m never happy with most of my prints either, it is part of the process :slightly_smiling_face:

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UPDATE: I did manage to mat and frame a few as gifts, and I was a lot happier with them once they were framed!

Light purple for my mom’s black, white and purple kitchen.

Silver for my MIL.


They look great framed!!