Rainbow Assemblage

I made this assemblage piece for @Kwality570 in the Santa’s Sack Swap.

I don’t normally do assemblage in bright colors so after the rainbow colors were done I “grunged” it it up a bit by dry brushing on some iridescent medium mixed with gun metal gray acrylic paint.

The base is 5”x7” cradle board.

Some of the random pieces:
Old paint brush, the handle to an old foam brush, an empty tube of paint, random game pieces, screws, nails, beads, buttons, wooden trim, etc.

And I went meta - there is a small 2”x2” assemblage canvas as part of the bigger assemblage.


Cute! I do like that you grunged it up a little. It’s so satisfying to look at!

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Your assemblages are amazing, and this one is a great example! The “grunging it up” process was very effective. Love all the artistic references (paint brush, paint tube, canvas). So cool!

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RAINBOW. ASSEMBLAGE. :exploding_head:


I love these assemblages and the rainbow is a different take. It is fun identifying all the things you have hidden in there!

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I like that the dark color and density of items increases toward the bottom.

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This one is amazing. I do love the rainbow colors. Marvellous

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Such a unique piece! Your assemblages are always amazing!

Super cool! Love the rainbow. And love the meta element! :laughing:

Congratulations! Your colorful assemblage is a featured project. Thank you for sharing such a bright and fun project.

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So pretty!

It’s truly magical how you turn everyday objects into engaging artworks. Really nice, love it!

I am seeing so much assemblage work lately and I love it! Thank you for an idea for the contents of my craft room junk drawer! :heart: