Rainbow Mountains in Peru...painted with yarn

In the fabric journal page swap I was researching mountains and came across the Rainbow mountains in Peru. I had never heard of them and just knew they needed to be a journal page. At first I thought a fabric collage, but there was too many color shifts. So yarn to the rescue. I did use fabric scraps for the sky, far mountains, and foreground, and yarn for the rest. Three bins of yarn came out…the good (wool), the bad (acrylic and cottons…really not too bad), and the ugly (specialty, decorative, weird, odd, thick, thin, and what were you thinking). Much has been gifted to me. Then lots of zigging and zagging.


I want to touch it… :heart_eyes:

Lovely! I’ve seen photos of the Rainbow Mountains, you did them proud!

It’s so stunning! And I’ve been reading about this mountain today. Plotting a visit to Peru one day…:wink:

Whoa! Very cool.

I love that you have a “what were you thinking” category of yarn. :laughing:

The colors are so reminiscent of the topic! Wonderful!