Rainbow Sari Silk Trivet

While running the Garage Sale, I got pretty behind on posting crafts. Even those I made for the Garage Sale! I made this rainbow trivet out of recycled sari silk yarn.

I was trying to use all stash for it, but I ran out of clothesline partway through the yellow rounds, and had to pick up some more. But I was able to use up nearly every scrap of my recycled sari silk ribbon yarn from DGY. I simply laid out all the pieces I had (I take the ‘yarn’ apart at the seams because I find it easier to work with a single length piece at a time while wrapping the clothesline), in color order, and discovered I had the most of the reds and oranges, and the least of the purples and blues, so I worked from least to most.

It came out a nice generous size, so it can fit a teapot, cup, and even a snack on it. And now that I have more clothesline left, I’m going to have to make more trivets to use it up, so the cycle will continue!


Just delightful!

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Clothesline…… hmmm…. I need some trivets myself!

This one turned out very pretty!!!

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Such a lovely trivet!

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