Raised Garden Beds

I’m currently tackling some large back yard projects.

First up raised garden beds for a previously awfully neglected area:

I’m pretty happy about the finished look. I’m currently struggling to fill up the second one.

Some in progress shots:

I’m especially proud of the mitered corners:


Wow, looks amazing! Very nice beds.

YES! Show off those mitered corners!
Love raised garden beds, they are so pretty

They turned out great! I can’t wait to see all the awesomeness you are going to grow.

The first one is planted with different kinds of blueberries (American and European).
In the second one I want to plant raspberries as a background (anything high enough to hide our neighbors’ ugly shed) and vegetables in front. Probably carrots, spinach and LETTUCE. :leafy_green:

Swooning over those mitered corners and pocket holes! They look beautiful. Great work!

Very nicely done!

Looks great! And my mouth is watering over everything you will plant!

They look great!
You will have so much fun with those in coming years.

Absolutely appreciate how tall these beds are! And your miter game is strong!

These are beautifully made!!

Thanks everyone!

@bethntim, @sweets4ever, @JoyfulClover I’ve been struggling with mitered corners so much in the past that I can’t believe how well they turned out this time. Only one out of 8 is slightly off.

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Well, pat yourself on the back then, for a job well done!