Rebel Alliance Ticker Tape Mug Rug

I made this little mug rug for a fellow LCer in exchange for a very awesome Leia portrait. :wink:

I was inspired by the ticker tape quilting style for the rebel alliance symbol. I definitely want to do more of this!

I played around with quilting some stars off to the side. The back is some fun Vader fabric.

It was a little hard to send away, but worth it for the exchange. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I absolutely LOVE this - and it’s mine!!! I am so excited to have it. The ticker tape style is fantastic. You got the colors perfect. Every time I try something like this, I paint myself into a corner with the colors. It is perfect! Agreed, you should do more. And I love the stars on the side. They turned out so cool. The back fabric is awesome too!
Thank you so much! This is incredible!!!


This is very, very cool! The scrappiness of the patches in the symbol suit the scrappiness of the Rebels just right.


@gozer - I’m so glad you like it!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Truth! :raised_hands:


Beautiful! The stars are so great. Did you use a special foot or just regular stop, turn, go?

I almost tagged you when I saw Leia was up for grabs, lol. We sure do get a feel for what everybody likes around here :smile:


Just stop, turn, go! I haven’t re-tried to use my fancy feet on the Bernina yet. I’ll get there!

Oh, I snagged her right away! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This came out so great!


Super cool! I love the star stitching especially.


This is so cool and totally has the stamp of your personal scrappy style!


This is pretty cool. I have always struggled to work out how to bring non-crafty peoples thing into something crafty for gifts, that I think they would appreciate. The more I see on this amazing site, the more inspired I get to be brave and just do it.


Yesss! Do it!

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:horse: YEEHAW! Your fantastic craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :cowboy_hat_face:


I love ticker tape, remember @sheepBlue 's MAQs from years ago? Amazing technique.
I’m totally inspired to make something, got any tips or tricks @Abbeeroad ?


Ah! Thank you!

And funny you should mention @sheepBlue, @Magpie, she was my consultant on this! We had a zoom crafternoon and I asked her a bunch of questions about her ticker tape quilts. It also helps that I have one of her quilts hanging on my wall for reference.

A few things I did:

  • Printed out the symbol the size I wanted and worked with fitting fabric bits in that template. (I later transferred this to my fabric with a water soluble pen and realized later I could have saved myself a step and started on the fabric rather than paper. D’oh!)
  • (tip from sheep) Start from the center out.
  • (tip from sheep) Cut pieces as you go, molding pieces to what you already have vs trying to make existing shapes work (she sewed each piece as she went, but I taped them down on my template first)
  • (suggestion from sheep) Glue down your scraps to your background fabric before sewing. I thought I’d have to hand-sew these tiny pieces but the glue helped keep everything in place so well I was able to machine stitch. I used mod podge.

Ooh, thanks for these tips! Ticker tape is one of those things I want to try some day!

I love that you chose the rebel symbol! Perfect for @gozer!


Absolutely positively stunningly lovely! Everything about this is amazing, right down to the contrast between the black and red and the scrappy symbol. Gozer is a lucky, lucky (but well deserving for sending you that awesome portrait) person to receive this amazingness.