Reed Diffusers

I usually make candles every year, and saw that the place I get my supplies added reed diffusers to their line. And they were so cute! I decided to try them out and I love how well it all came together.

It’s a pretty simple process, mixing scents with a diffuser base and bottling it. I chose to do my two most popular candle scents (Remedy, which is a peppermint and eucalyptus blend, and Fraser Fir). I found packaging that would fit, and made the custom labels.

The scent throw is great and they were well liked by my friends I shared them with as gifts. And they were SO MUCH easier than candles, though my mini funnel got quite a workout. :smiley: I’ll probably add them to my yearly rotation.

Thanks for taking a look!


I’m loving all your labels, if you ever get a chance I would love to know how you did them


They are very pretty!

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Great idea & execution! I’m sure the giftees will love all your handmade gifts.

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Thank you all so much!

@Edel I designed them in Pulisher and then did a print and cut with my Silhouette. I got the fonts from a free font website (they’re named Mom’s Typewriter and Calligraffitti). Then just put them through my Xyron and attached. Super simple, at least when the Silhouette wants to read the registration marks. :rofl: I have them all saved in Publisher and just update them per items, so the style stays consistent. I don’t even know if Microsoft still makes or updates Publisher. I have an old workhorse version and it’s still one of my most used programs. I think they could be pretty easily recreated in Canva, or maybe even Word. It’s just a circle changed to a dotted line with text boxes. :slight_smile:


That 's an interesting idea. In stead of making candle making a diffuser.
Now idea to work on :slight_smile: And by the way they are lovely

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Thank you for that. Publisher is still around as far as I know. The design looks so good. I love the font on that buff colour.

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It’s so cool that you can make customized scents for reed diffusers! Your presentation is so nice, too.

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These look so professional! I love them. The way you box and labeled them gives them that extra touch of class. I am sure everyone loved them. They are very pretty.

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WOW, no straight boring sticks for you! Bravo!

Beautiful! I bet they smell fantastic, too!