Refashioned! top?, top, dress, top, top, top, top


Seeeeequins! And shoulder straps eked out of the waistband of a thrift store skirt.
It’s either a very long top or a rather short dress.


eyelet and gauze and silly arm ruffles. From another thrift store skirt.

Blue embroidery and sequins dress from TS skirt; the solid fabric was the gauze lining.
[I would just like to mention here that I hate my chromebook. It crashes, drags, and goes really really slow, even though I’ve followed all kinds of internet suggestions to improve performance. Had to switch to my kindle even though let is craft no longer lets it use word completion.] [eta: or spellcheck]

Tassel with skull

And a sugar skull scarf of the same shade of blue.


What do you do with a vintage embroidered table cloth? Make a tunic!


did I post this one before? I love the ombre. Made from yet another TS cotton skirt.


made from the last TS skirt (for now) the collar/straps were a matching sash.


I haven’t quite finished this one. The neckline came out too wide, so I added a drawstring. When I’m happy with that, I’ll finish the hem. Made from the curtains in our camper; I replaced them with a bolder print.


My gosh, it’s a whole new wardrobe! Nice & light for summer.


Wow, what amazingly creative upcycles! I’m in love with the tablecloth tunic.

Do you wear all these yourself or sell them? You have quite a sense of style!



I make them for myself, most of them in the last couple of weeks. So I’ve only worn 3 of them so far. Maybe we should go out to dinner tonight so I can wear my new dress!

I have only one skirt left in the pile. I almost put it back in the goodwill box because it looks like a black and white bandanna, but then I got the idea of paint-dyeing it in various shades of blues and teals and greens. If it works out, I’ll post it!


It’s like your own personal Spring (re)Collection!


You’re going to be so stylin’ with those new items! That ombre one is my favorite just because I also love ombre. So pretty!


Brilliant! I love your post title too :smiley:


These all look so comfy. I love the flowy style.


Great upcycling!


All of them lovely. I’m now mentally digging through my closet wondering what I can repurpose before I go thrifting.!

do you use any particular pattern? And then riff off of that?


I drafted patterns (you could easily use commercial patterns) for a tank top (the 2 white and 1 teal tops), a wide-shoulder (the beige and blue dress), and a slip-style top (the first photo, green mandalas). Sometimes I do elastic in a casing above the bust and add shoulder straps (beige pinafore and olive green). Some skirts are wide enough that I can take out a panel and use it to make short sleeves or a yoke.

I try to keep nice details, like the sash-turned-collar on the olive green; it has some gold embroidery and had big wooden bead decoration; I replaced the wood beads with gold and olive glass beads, for a less rustic look. I also did just a little gold embroidery on the front neckline.

Some of the Indian boho skirts have a lining/slip of matching gauze. It’s usually been dyed with the skirt, so is a perfect color match and can be used for a yoke, bodice, straps or saved for another project.

I made a few dresses a couple of years ago where I cut the bottom off an existing blouse, and attached a skirt to the cropped top making it a yoke or bodice.

My previous skirt into blouse or dress posts:

wow, the clothes look a lot better on the mannequin than just on hangers!

I’m currently working on fitting a slim-leg pants pattern that will look good under all these floaty tops.

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You’re going to have quite the cozy summer wardrobe!


You did such a great job transforming these. If I saw you wearing these, I’d never guess that they were ever anything other than what they are right now. They look quite comfortable and chic!


:tada: :tada: Congratulations, your fabulous projects are featured projects this week :tada: :tada:


Thank you!

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You are a very talented upcycler!
I love your collection of altered clothes.

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