Reinikka's Blitz ATCs, March 2020. Masterboards, Stamps, Day Dreams, and More

Last week @alteredmommy hosted an ATC Blitz Challenge with eight themes total over four days. I completed six within the blitz and one afterwards. Here they are all together in one post :slight_smile:

#1 Rainbow - “Play More”

#2 Put a Word on it - “Wish”

#3 Astronomy - "German Midnight

#4 Hearts

#5 Maps - “Explore”

#6 Ephemera - “Ephemera Collage”

#7 Spring Fever - “Camp Sherman Dreams”

Most of these have masterboard backgrounds/elements. “German Midnight” uses a masterboard background from @anna.wahnsinn and “Explore” features an embellishment from @geekgirl. Thanks for looking and big “thank you” to @alteredmommy for the themes and inspiration to craft! :heart:


:heartpulse: Love :heartpulse:

The “Wish” ticket came from my stash and was sent to me by another crafter. I am feeling the love all spread round from person to person with those cards. Awesome.


I thought it was from one of your massively stuffed envelopes but I couldn’t remember for sure :smile: Thank you! I have a few more like it and they are inspiring :slightly_smiling_face:

These look great! (I’ve been trying to make an ATC … trying being the operative word. I am not quite “there” yet. )
These are beauties!

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Those stamps are the best.

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I love them all, but “German Midnight” really grabs me. :heart:

Where are the maps in “Explore” from?

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An old map of Pittsburg

Your techniques are great. I especially love the first couple.

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Correction: and old map of Pennsylvania that includes Pittsburg… It’s in a few pieces right now and I just saw the “Pittsburg” part when I looked earlier

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These are beautiful! I think “wish” is my favourite :rainbow:

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