Repurposed Moving Ramp Into Pet Ramp

Delia is so cute! I am glad you are able to give her such a helpful item. Ramps cost a lot! I think yours is better than the bought ones too. It looks very sturdy and wide enough for her. Kudos!


Oh sweet Delia! I’m so glad your mom made you a new ramp to protect your joints. You’re such a good doggo.

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What a great re-use of the ramp. Still in one piece, and so stable & strong already. Perfect Delia ramp!

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Thanks, everyone! It could easily be the most overbuilt dog ramp in the world! Made to support over 500 pounds and she is about 66 pounds!


What a wonderful gift for your dear doggie! Great re-use, too.

Thank you!

I love the creative use of materials and the caring nature of the project. I’m sure Delia loves it :heart:


What a great idea to repurpose the moving ramp!

Great re-engineering! The notch for the stairs is perfect. Delia is one lucky pup. :heart:

Thanks, friends!

This is fantastic!


This is such a kind thing to create for your lovely doggo! :sparkling_heart:

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She deserves nothing less! We’ll do an elevator if that’s what it takes later on!


ADDENDUM: Delia used the ramp, unencouraged, when it was incomplete, but in place. Now she is eschewing it. Why? Only she knows. One idea I had is that her compromised vision has a harder time seeing exactly what’s going on with the rails, especially as they’re grey and the floor now that it’s brown. Before changing out the colors, I thought I’d try reflectors. BUT one trip to the biggest hardware store around and I didn’t find small white reflectors except in a pack with one white and several other colors. I don’t want colors - obviously, I’m trying to make this look like a deliberate part of our house. SO… I made reflectors with reflective tape, fender washers, 2 sizes of punches and wood screws.



Pics of them installed added to the original post!


So resourceful. I hope they help!

Thanks! I “caught” her using it to go down last evening, so maybe she’s starting to get it.


You take such good care of her! What a great idea to put this ramp to good use. I love the resourcefulness of this whole project, from reusing the ramp to the reflector solution!

Awww, thank you! She’s our bebe, so it’s important to us to give her the best life we can. It’s fun to use the ol’ noggin to figure out solutions to obstacles sometimes!

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