Reusing building materials, but to what?

Hi everyone,
We are building a house and doing the different techniques (elektricity, water, ventilation and plumbing) ourselves. I’ve salvaged some tubes we used for water supply because they looked like I could do something with them. (You throw away so much small things when building, I hate for it to go all to waste)
All I can think of is cutting them all to the same length, binding them together to make something where I can put a plant or something on.
But I’m hoping you might have a different something I can do.
(If someone has the English word for it, that might help me too!)

These are the outer protection tubes and the inner ones. I have some of both. The maximum length is like 50 cm.

The inside is a white tube.

Thanks in advance!

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Those look like either hoses (for water) or conduit pipe (for stringing wires thru.)

If you have a bunch of sections, maybe you could do something like the coiled baskets with them?

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It’s for water! Thanks! I do have a piece of conduit pipe but it’s really small.
Do you mean with sections, like different diameters? I only have like 2 different ones.
How would you see this as a coiled basket, like use the hose as the skeleton of the basket?

The red and blue ones look like robot arms to me…


We are also building a house and would love some ideas. So far I have only found uses for wood pieces.

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I just meant are there enough pieces, sorry if it was confusing. I was thinking of something like this, only with sturdier sides. (also you might need to make the bottom from something else, depending on how tightly you can coil it)

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They threw away a piece of our drainpipe. I got it out of the container and plan on using it to make a plantstand or something.

You could coil the inner layer into a rug, or weave it if it squishes flat enough. You might also reuse it for irrigation for garden plants!

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If cut-able, the red and blue sections would make a colorful windchime or other hanging decoration.

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They are cut-able! That’s quite the idea! Thanks!

@chameleonhound: that irregation is an interesting thing, but the longest ones I have are like 60 cm. I would have to buy connector things to make them longer.

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