Revamped Swiss Colony Tins for Valentine's Day Treats


I plan to take Valentine treats to my local post office and the UPS Store that takes all our packages since the drivers can’t come up our road in winter. Both of these places have lovely people helping us make life easier all winter long.


My stash of tins included these two Swiss Colony tins which were already red! WOO! All they needes was some tarting up on tops and something to cover the sticker residue on the bottoms. I dug through my Valentine paper stash for printed cardstock that suited my needs. I wanted something obviously Valentine-y, but not super heavy on the love - I don’t want to make it weird. :laughing:


I used a circle cutter all the circles and a die for the sentiment.


Next week I’ll make the goodies, maybe throw in some store bought things, and deliver them.

EDIT: Fully loaded.


Great reuse. And it’s so sweet of you to think about your postal workers for Valentine’s day.

These are adorable! And such a nice gesture.

Thanks, pals!

@lady4feet I had thought I would do baking at xmas time, but did not. Then I thought that maybe they might appreciate treats after the rush of holiday treats was fading into memory. :wink:


Awesome revamp! They will love getting some treats and thanks.

Thanks, dear!

How wonderful! Both the tins and the sentiment!!

Thank you!

I laughed that you didn’t want to make it weird with too much love! Ha! This is such a sweet thing to do to show appreciation. I am sure they will love it. It turned out great!

:star: :cupcake: :heart: Congratulations! Your lovely Valentine’s tins are a Featured Project this week! :heart: :cupcake: :star:

Awwww, thank you!

Such a thoughtful and sweet gift.

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What a great transformation and thoughtful gesture!

When you say circle cutter, are you talking about a rotary circle cutter? If so, how did you keep the pointy needle part from making a hole in your paper?

That’s pals!

That is the kind I used and it did make a hole in the paper. :grimacing: I just used the flat surface of my thumbnail to push the paper back over the hole. One would see it if they looked closely.

They look fabulous!

Thank you!

Fantastic gift of appreciation. I’ve saved these tins in the past with thoughts of doing something with them but never really have. They are too cool to waste! I love this idea.