Valentine Treat Packages

Last week I revamped some tins to use for delivering treats to a few folks and yesterday I finished making the treats. I also put together a few plates to take to neighbors.

I made two of the big platters and one small plate for neighbors of different household sizes. There are also two bowls o’ fudge - one each to go with the tins which are going to my local post office and the UPS store.

The tins are loaded up with stackable shortbread cookies in various shapes and decorations.

Ever the dad-jokester, TheMisterT commented, “You must really like oxen.” :roll_eyes:

Today I will deliver!

I do apologize for the unappetizing photos. Even in the middle of the day, the kitchen lighting is not good for photography and there’s just not another easy and food-safe option unless the weather is just-so and I can shoot on the deck.


This is so thoughtful! I’m sure the recipients will be thrilled.

They look delicious!! What a lovely surprise!

Thoughtful and yummy gifts! You will be the talk of the mailrooms…the kind woman who thought of the essential workers! You are the best!

They look sweet in both flavor and sentiment!
What a nice thing to do.

Yum, yum, yum! They look delicious and will be much-appreciated, I’m sure.

:rofl: That made me laugh out loud.

These cookies do look tasty and I like how you stacked the different types in the tin. Everything about this project is super kind and thoughtful! Your appreciation is evident in the amount of time and care you put into this.


Everything looks delicious!

They look delicious!

Thanks everyone! Everyone was surprised and tickled to receive treats. :blush:


They look delicious and it is so sweet (pun intended) that you did this.

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These look delicious, and such a thoughtful sweet thing to do!