Rhubarb and ginger sauce

Not sure “canning” is the right tag, since I’m not planning on canning this, but I know people can this sauce sometimes. Please consult other reliable sources for canning advice, this is just the recipe.

I had some leftover bits of rhubarb so I just quickly whipped up this sauce

  • 375 gr rhubarb, cleaned and cut up in smaller pieces
  • 6,5 tablespoon sugar (I used golden cane sugar, but any type of sugar would probably work)
  • 5 tablespoon of ginger syrup
  • 3 1/3 tablespoon of water

Stir the ingredients together.

Simmer for about 10 minutes until the rhubarb is tender. It should look a bit like this.

Leave to cool a bit, then puree with a food processor. Jams (and jam-like sauces such as these) can get really hot so you don’t want to get splatters of hot jam on your face and hands.

Depending on the colour of the rhubarb, sugar and syrup used it will end up looking reddish or brown-ish. Mine leans more towards brown than red but last week’s batch was much more red. You can use this sauce as a dessert sauce (add a spoonful to yoghurt, for example) use it to make a jam cake or decorate a cream cheese cake with it, like I did last week. It’s thinner than jam but you can still use it for sandwiches, but I’m personally not a fan of sweet sandwiches.


This sounds delicious! And I imagine there would be so many applications including as a replacement for various chutneys with savory dishes.

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I’ve not tried that but it sounds delicious! If you’re not canning, you can also choose to add less sugar to make it a little less sweet.

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Looks yummy!

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Mmmm…sounds absolutely delicious!

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My mom loves rhubarb. This looks superb.

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This sounds HEAVENLY.

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