Ridiculous-Holiday-Sweater Christmas Cards

For the Christmas Card Swap, I made these sweater-based cards.

The sweaters are cut from a masterboard that I then stenciled details on. I didn’t think to take a photo of the full masterboard before I cut into it, but here’s what’s left.

And the pile of cutout sweaters before embellishing.

The borders around the cards are just paint pen. I’d planned an additional flourish there, but it (and all my subsequent solutions) looked really terrible on my tester, so I opted to stick with the simpler but classier option. The sentiments are stamped. Thanks for looking!


These are so cute! I love how you used the masterboard.

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Thanks for another idea on how to use masterboards!

These are really clever and cute!

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These turned out so cute! I love the little sweaters and the hand-stamped sentiments were adorable. I love a good hand-stamped saying to make things pop!

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These are great, I think your title is misleading because they aren’t ridiculous … maybe they are Cute-Ugly-Holiday-Sweaters

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I love these so much!! Clever and unique!

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Brilliant to cut the sweaters from a masterboard! The ways you xmas-ed them up are so cute and the hand-stamped greetings are just-right!

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Thanks, all! I was pretty happy with how they turned out. It was one of those rare cases where the final product actually came out more or less like my vision :laughing:.

I think this approach would also work really well with ornament shapes rather than sweaters. Actually, I may have to try that with the leftover masterboard :thinking:.

I struggled a bit with how to couch it. They weren’t full-on ugly, and “outrageous” felt like an oversell. Maybe “over-the-top.”


They turned out great. Just the right touch of gaudiness for a Christmas sweater!

Got it, I think I misunderstood your use of ridiculous :smiley:

Those are fantastic!

What a fun way to create the holiday sweaters. I love how each sweater is unique yet coordinates with the others.