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geekgirl 5 bluebird, PhoenixFireDesign, camelama, wittychild, goatgoddess 12/5/22 goatgoddess 12/11, bluebird 12/11, phoenixfiredesign 12/13, camelama 12/18, wittychild 12/15
camelama 5 bluebird, Smmarrt, geekgirl, curiousfae, Myrthena 12/10/22 curiousfae 12/14, bluebird 12/14, geekgirl 12/14, smmarrt 12/13
Cindy 3 wittychild, Myrthena, Mvanrh11 12/1/22 myrthena 12/9, wittychild 12/17
Myrthena 4 Smmarrt, curiousfae, PhoenixFireDesign, AudiobookLover 11/29/2022 smmarrt 12/13, audiobooklover 12/12, curiousfae 12/14, phoenixfiredesign 12/14
Mvanrh11 2 bluebird, curiousfae 12/4/22 bluebird 10/17, curiousfae 10/16
wittychild 5 PhoenixFireDesign, Whistlefish, Cindy, AudiobookLover, curiousfae 12/3/22 audiobooklover 12/12, cindy 12/10, curiousfae 12/14, whistlefish 12/15
Whistlefish 4 megwell, AudiobookLover, geekgirl, mvanrh11 12/2/22 audibooklover 12/7, megwell 12/6, geekgirl 12/17
PhoenixFireDesigns 5 megwell, Smmarrt, Cindy, camelama, Whistlefish 11/30/2022 cindy 12/12, smmarrt 12/6, megwell 12/5
curiousfae 5* Myrthena, camelama, megwell,wittychild, Smmarrt. goatgoddess 11/30/2022 smmarrt 12/7, megwell 12/6, goatgoddess 12/5, myrthena 12/134
Smmarrt 4* bluebird, camelama, Whistlefish, PhoenixFireDesign, goatgoddess 12/3/2022 bluebird 12/8, phoenixfiredesigns 12/7, goatgoddess 12/11
bluebird 5 Cindy, curiousfae, AudiobookLover, geekgirl, megwell 12/1/22 curiousfae 12/6, audibooklover 12/7, megwell 12/5, geekgirl 12/8, cindy 12/15
megwell 5* bluebird, PhoenixFireDesign, wittychild, geekgirl, goatgoddess 12/2/22 bluebird 12/8, goatgoddess 12/5, phoenixfiredesigns 12/7, geekgirl 12/8
AudiobookLover 4 wittychild, camelama, Myrthena, Whistlefish 11/30 and 12/1 myrthena 12/7, camelama 12/15, wittychild 12/15, whistlefish 12/15
Goatgoddess 5 geekgirl, smmarrt, curiousfae, kwality, megwell 12/1/22 smmarrt 12/10, kwality 12/6, curiousfae 12/6, megwell 12/5, geekgirl 12/8
kwality570 1 goatgoddess 12/2/22 goatgoddess 12/17

I have cards already :christmas_tree:! I’m hiding the photos with drop downs just so other recipients can be surprised if they want; nothing risqué here :laughing:.

From @bluebird


From @PhoenixFireDesigns


From @goatgoddesss


Thanks so much for a great first haul! Now to get the tree up so I have somewhere to put them.


What a great start to the gallery!

For those who get cards from me, there’s a little explanation, but for those who don’t, each is made from an authentic, antique postcard I’ve non-destructively mounted onto another card. Most have original writing/stamps/postmarks dating between about 1913 - 1926. I wanted to use find a way to reuse them that preserved their originality but still let them live a second life..


That’s a clever idea @PhoenixFireDesigns !

Beautiful start to the gallery. Festive!
@bluebird beautiful ornaments. Nice shading. Are they watercolor ?

@goatgoddesss lovely tree. Did you hand letter that?


I bought a bunch of those holders last year when you posted your beautiful cards! It is such a good idea and I have tons of old cards that could use more love before they are recycled!


how pretty - love the idea of reusing something old to be new again - PhoenixFireDesigns

bluebird those are so lovely - very nicely done.


I also got some cards :slight_smile: they are so very cool

Megwell - fuzzy sweater vibes, its so textured looking - love it!

curiousfae - love how it looks like planets, with the details, so very cool.


Yes, it’s watercolor. :slight_smile:

Such lovely cards!

@bluebird, I like the combination of painting and drawing for your cards.

@PhoenixFireDesigns, what a clever idea to breathe new life into old cards!

@goatgoddesss, I love the sky background on your card and the use of different shades of green in your tree, it really adds depth.

@megwell, great use of a masterboard to create a unique, fun and Christmas-y sweater!

@curiousfae, I’m not sure what watercolor technique you used, but I like how it turned out!


And today I received from @curiousfae and @Whistlefish! Photos tomorrow because it’s already properly dark here, but they’re amazing. Thanks for a great swap, friends!


I tried to do that salt trick to get the paint to explode and move (the technique has a name that I can’t recall :woman_facepalming:t3:) but it didn’t really work. But I do like how it made it look like sparkles or highlights a bit.

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I recd two lovely cards

From @goatgoddesss

And @bluebird

Both are such beautiful watercolors.

Thank you! And thanks for sending a little message with them. I totally wish I would have added one as well. It was so nice!


My first two cards arrived today!

From @Smmarrt

From @megwell

Thank you both!


I got a first card from @AudiobookLover
It so pretty and all that work for the glitters.
Even the envelope was adapted to the Christmas period.
Thank you


You’re welcome :blush:. I’m glad it made it to you safely. That traveled quickly for international mail!

Yes, it did. Normally from here to the US it takes for a normal letter 10 days

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I received two fun and festive cards today!

First off is this cute card from @bluebird featuring three little blue birds checking out Christmas lights:

Next up is a very sparkly cross stitched card made by @Whistlefish.

It’s hard to tell in the pic, but there are a lot of sparkly accents in the cross stitch including the wine and wine bottle.

(It was really difficult to catch the sparkles with the camera).

Whistlefish’s card also came in a handmade envelope.

Thank you both so much! They are going straight up onto the fridge so I can smile every time I see them :blush:.


Photos as promised:

From curiousfae:


And Whistlefish:


Thanks again!


I received this gorgeous card from @goatgoddesss. It’s up on my fridge so I can see it every day!

Beautiful Card