Rlynn’s buggy shrinky dink jewelry tutorial - May 2020 fashion contest

Latternfly shrinky dink necklace

Insects are kind of my thing. And lately shrinky dink (the iconic 70/80s kids craft) has been my thing.

Here is how I make shrinky dink jewelry that is fit for the office or wherever else you want to wear it.

Shrinky dink
Alcohol ink
Rubbing Alcohol
Paint brush
Jump rings
Hole punch

Printed image

  1. If you’re artistic, go ahead and draw directly on the shrinky dink. I am not artistic so I worked with an image I printed off the internet. Trace the outline of your pieces. I decided I wanted two layers.

  1. Trace or freehand the details. I used sharpie for the wing veins and a Q-tip with alcohol ink for the spots.

Top half of my latternfly is almost finished.

I filled in the red for the bottom piece with a sharpie and then quickly brushed red alcohol ink on top to help get rid of the lines.

Once again, I added veins with a sharpie and spots with a Q-tip just like I did with the top piece.

Using a Q-tip I dabbed white alcohol ink onto the wings and filled in the rest of the details on the body with alcohol ink using a Q-tip and brush.

I use the rubbing alcohol to dilute the alcohol ink if I just want to lightly tint the shrinky dink. You have to play with the ratio. And be warned a little rubbing alcohol goes a looooong way. I thought I was going to use this trick on the top wings to get a lighter brown.

But I decided last minute to mix white and brown alcohol ink and give a quick wash to the back of my piece. Please not that this only works on transparent shrinky dink.

  1. Don’t forget to add holes with a hole punch if you need to add jump rings!

  1. Preheat your oven to 325 or whatever temp your shrinky dink instructions indicate. Lay out your pieces on some foil on a baking sheet.

  1. Pop in the oven and try not to freak out as your piece curls into itself. All my pieces do. I usually open the oven and gently help pieces unfurl when my anxiety peaks.

I pull them out after they look mostly flat and quickly press them with a book.

  1. If your piece is more than one layer like mine, some E6000 glue works well.

  1. Add jump rings, chain, and whatever other findings your heart desires. For this one, I added some pretty little red beads.

And no worries if you’re not into bugs as much as I am. You can use the same steps to make something more to your taste.


Thanks for the tutorial! I love the effects you get with the alcohol inks. Gorgeous!

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This is so cool! Thanks for showing us your secrets in handling the alcohols and sharpie. Beautiful!

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Love, love, love!

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I love insects, too! Thanks for this tutorial! I really like how you added dimension by making it in 2 halves. And, I don’t have alcohol inks. Do you think that, if I’m VERY careful, I could use rubbing alcohol to remove Sharpie lines after coloring?

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Lovely!!! You do such a beautiful job on these.

BTW I had no idea that there was such a thing as white alcohol ink!

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Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing it here. :smiley:

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This is gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial!

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And such an awesome tutorial.


Thanks everyone! :heart:

I think it would probably help. I’ll try next time and report back.

I think it’s actually suspended pigment like the metallic colors. I was actually worried that I wouldn’t get light brown if I mixed it with brown but it actually worked.


This came out beautifully! I love the rings on either end. Wonderful tutorial!!

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Thanks for the tutorial! I have a bunch of Shrinky Dinks somewhere. I never thought about using alcohol inks on these. Yours always turn out so beautiful.

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I picked up some shrink plastic a while back and have been meaning to do something with it. :smiley: Love your techniques. Thanks for sharing.

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That is incredible! Thanks for sharing your process. I just gave my shrink sheets to the girl-child, she will love your jewelry.

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