Rocky Road Brownies w/pseudo-recipe

The other day was one of those days that seem to fit the year 2020 perfectly. So, on my way home, I planned to treat myself to a Royal Rocky Road Blizzard from DQ. And, then I drove right past the exit. The next exit was my exit for home, and it wasn’t worth turning around, and I am so glad I didn’t, otherwise, these brownies would not have been made. I haven’t had time to bake for the last 2 evenings, which is also fortunate because otherwise, this post would be called Rocky Road Chocolate Cake and, as much as I love chocolate cake, I don’t think it would have been quite so delicious.

Instead, while rummaging through the food bins for something quick for dinner, I spied a box of Supreme Triple Chunk brownie mix, and I knew what dessert was going to be!

I happened to have a container of Marshmallow Fluff on hand, and some peanut butter, so I put a layer of brownie batter on the bottom of the pan, (over)heated the peanut butter in the microwave {side note: it turns dark brown and crumbly}, and poured it in top. Then I globbed on the Fluff and topped it with the remaining batter.

Holy moly are they good!!!

I cut 16 in the 9” X 9” pan, and while I did eat 2 tonight, I’ll limit myself to one from now on. So sweet and gooey and utterly delicious! I might actually have to freeze them so they’re not gone in a week!


Those look and sound delicious!

They truly are! I was a little worried when I overheated the peanut butter, but I just mixed it up with what wasn’t overcooked, and used it anyway. I figured it would bake at 325 degrees, so what difference would it make?

Those look divine! You have so much more control than me I would’ve gobbled up the whole pan!

I did eat 2 more when I got home from work :slight_smile: I will have to stash them in the freezer tomorrow!


I would roll around in this, lady!

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