Rom Com valentine hearts

Here are two more tiny paintings from some RomCom movies.

500 Days of Summer

When Harry Met Sally

And please let me know what some of your favorite romcoms/romantic movies are. I need more lol


Nice paintings, as always! How do you display or gift them? At our house, we prefer our romcoms with a dash of sci-fi or fantasy. Think “Groundhog Day” or “Enchanted”.


Aw, these are cute (and funny)!
The first movie that popped into my head is 50 First Dates.


These are just so much fun to see!

Let’s see… You already got Harry/Sally. I don’t know if I watch many rom coms and I sure don’t remember hardly anything! Four Weddings and a Funeral, maybe.


These are so fun!!!

“While You Were Sleeping” and “Only You” are some of my personal classic faves…but there are so many good ones. “The Wedding Singer” and “Sliding Doors,” too…


@endymion - the Christmas ones were gifts and I kept two and hung them in the tree. These I’ll be adding magnet tape to the back and put them on the refrigerator lol. And I love Groundhogs Day! I had a huge crush on Bill Murray as a kid so I watched this movie a lot lol!!

@TheMistressT - lol thank you. And I am having a hard time thinking of romcoms but I watch so many so I should know them. But it’s also thinking about an iconic scene that’s recognizable.

@Abbeeroad - I was going to do While You Were Sleeping for Christmas so I could do it for Valentine’s lol. I love that movie. Is Only You the one with Robert Downey Jr? I used to watch that one as a kid. Loved it. Might have to revisit that movie soon.

@irid3sc3nt - lol! Thank you :blush: and I wanted to do 50 First Dates but with Rob Schneider dressed up as drew Barrymore with the coconuts l


I love all your tiny paintings!

I second “Groundhog Day,” “Enchanted,” “While You Were Sleeping” and “Only You”


The Proposal

The Lost City

Two Weeks Notice

Any Sandra Bullock movie, really

What Women Want

Not exactly a rom com, but a great movie with some funny parts and a good love story: Stranger than Fiction

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Love Actually (you could do a whole series for this one for all the different couples)


Coming to America (for me the wedding kiss at the end is the most memorable scene)

Notting Hill

13 Going on 30

About Time (not exactly a rom com but still cute)

Long Shot

Probably my favorite of all time: The F Word (alternate title in the US was “What If,” I believe)

“He’s just not that into you”

Not exactly a rom com, but The Princess Bride is pretty classic :slight_smile:

Also not a rom com, but Back to the Future, when George McFly finally stands up to Biff and offers Lorreine his hand, or when he kisses her at the dance would make cool paintings

Hope this helps!


When Harry Met Sally is my absolute most favorite movie ever. Princess Bride is in my top five.


Lol, such a hilarious movie. The Bundt cake. The Windex. “Give me a word, any word…”


That’s the one!

Loving these little scenes you’re making. They are so versatile and your talent really shines!


It’s an often quoted movie at our house.

“There you go.”

“What do you wear in the winterr? A rrobe.”

We finally showed our kids the movie so they would know why we keep repeating these things :joy:


Four Weddings And A Funeral is one of my all time faves! And Love, Actually…… I agree, a person could do a whole series on that movie! And with romantic Christmas movies on the brain now, Last Christmas with Emilia Clarke has some great moments. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Titanic- are we all pretty much over that one?


I love these! Meg Ryan is fantastic! That was a hard angle in such a tiny space. If you are thinking of making these into magnets, they are planning a magnet swap soon, so be on the lookout for that!


@LindyBlues - omg! So many movies listed that I forgot about! How did I forget every Sandra bullock one?! Lol and I love My Big Fat Greek Wedding. My dad would even watch it with me when I would put it on lol.

Is What If the Daniel Radcliffe? I love that one. It’s a go to to have on in the background.

@storerboughtcreation - I think I’m going to have to do a Princess Bride one as well

@Abbeeroad - thank you so much! For some reason I find working small easier than working with bigger canvas :rofl:

@Bunny1kenobi - okay, I’m going to have to rewatch Four Weddings and A Funeral because I saw the one with Andie MacDowell and High Grant when it came out (I was 9) and probably didn’t get it lol. So I’ll have to give it another shot hahaha. I think Love Actually will have to be in a series of its own hahahaha. There are a good amount of memorable scenes in that movie. And I love Last Christmas! It made me cry :sob:

@gozer - oh a magnet swap?! I’m gonna keep my eyes out for that :blush:

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This is the best I could do lol.


Love it!!!

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That’s awesome!!!

Yep! It’s such a great movie. And it takes place in Toronto–2 hours from where I live :slight_smile:

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Oooh! How about Celia and Mike Wazowsky???

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:sparkles: :heart: :heart_eyes: Congratulations! Your awesome Rom Com Valentine Hearts are a Featured Project this week! :heart_eyes: :heart: :sparkles:


These are so cute!