Rosaries in Howlite and Labradorite

My church started a (mostly) monthly Broken Rosary Club this year, and I went to the first meeting last month. It was a great excuse to buy more rosary supplies, lol. We did fix a couple rosaries, and make several for charity.

I used some of my new supplies to make one for my BIL’s birthday (howlite) and one for myself in my favorite gemstone (labradorite).


Oooh, I love the stones you chose! How cool that your church sponsors an activity like this.

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Sounds like a neat social activity. My favorite is the second one. The beads are so pretty.


Thank you!

The other ladies who are in the group are a real delight to spend time with, too. Our church had a bake/craft sale this past weekend, and I donated several rosaries to that (I hope they sold - I didn’t make it to the sale since I went to the last Mass of the weekend).


A great crafting group is such a blessing! I’m glad you found some local friends to craft with.

I like the second rosary, also.

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I finished a couple more, so I’ll just add them to this topic…


African ruby: