Rose Covered Birdhouse

I have always loved decorating those little wooden birdhouses. Over the years, I have made plenty for my own garden, swaps, gifts, etc. They are a relatively fast and easy project that can be done in so many ways!

In the Use it or Lose it thread, @madebyBeaG offered a bunch of tiny little resin/plastic roses. She sent me such a generous amount! I normally use them in shrines, but I got this idea to use them to make myself a little birdhouse (decorative only!).

First, I painted the entire thing with a pale orange. I made the the walls and base a bit darker. Then, I went to town gluing the roses all over the roof and some on the sides. A little paint embellishment and a new ribbon (it came with a white cord), and it was done!

Thanks for looking! And, thanks @madebyBeaG for giving me the supplies to make it happen!


Aw, that is so cute!
You put them to good use.

So sweet!

Adorable! My kids have painted many a tiny birdhouse. I will have to show them your version. So creative!

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This is adorable! Perfect use for those roses.

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This is so cute! I love it so much! Beautifully done.


So pretty and sweet! I have had a birdhouse project swimming around a little in my brain and this adds some inspiration should I decide to pursue it!

I did a tiki hut one for @kittykill years ago and have always meant to make one for myself, so that is my next one!

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Ooooo! Canโ€™t wait to see whatโ€™s coming next!

This is the sweetest! The tiki hut lives in our tiki bar. I get to look at it every day and smile.

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So charming! I love the roses on it.

Such a happy little birdhouse! My son has a birdhouse project to put together and I do have a lot of UV Resin molds including flowersโ€ฆ


This is so adorable! It looks like a cake at first glance itโ€™s so pretty. Very cute idea!:smiley:

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Thatโ€™s ridiculously cute! Love those sweet little white daisies peeking out amongst the roses.

Omg, this forum is amazing, I found a lot of creative ideas!


Welcome! Yes, it is quite an inspiring place! Plus, so friendly and fun!

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