Rustic Russian Olive Plaques

Pshew! Got them good enough. Did not think about the mineral oil darkening them so much, but meh, it still works. Now onwards to the next part…making some of my claws from a gourd…I’ll wait on that, heh.


These are truly lovely!

These are GORGEOUS!! They are dark but not too dark - they stand out against the arch nicely. Just stunning work.

I forgot about this pic. I first took this one before thinking it’d be better on the arch. Anyway, it’s a good reference to see how they’d look on a wall.


What a personal and thoughtful gift for the couple…they are beautiful and will become family treasures!

Very nicely done! I like the staining.

Beautiful work.

What a lovely gift!

Love them on the arch, and the difference in color sets them apart. They look amazing.

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Beautiful! These will become heirlooms, I’m sure.

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