Santa's Sack Gallery

Holy mackerel, there are some amazing packages here!!!

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@gozer, love the gift bag and the horse as well as the art piece and the mice. Such a cool assortment of things!

@geekgirl, the rainbow assemblage is amazing! And the dinos are so fun. Another great swap package!


@gozer I especially love the mice and that horse is beautiful!

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I received from @geekgirl today! It’s rainy and gross out today so I’m having issues getting the colors to show up properly.

First up, these amazing quilled paper snowflake ornaments! I said out loud, to myself alone in my kitchen lol, “they’re so pretty!” when I opened them

You can’t see it very well in the picture but they’re shimmery

This adorable little hoop, again SO pretty!

And last for the crafted items, a piece of @geekgirl’s art done on a cradle board!

And lastly the stocking stuffers. Now I finally have a way to store my cropadile! Looking forward to carving into the giant eraser

And a group shot showing the bag and all of the goodies :slight_smile:

Thanks for a wonderful package @geekgirl! Off to hang the ornaments on the tree and pick out spots on the wall for the hoop and cradle board :slight_smile:

Edited to add - I forgot to post a picture of the card!


Love the art and the card! Pretty snow flakes and hoop as well.

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The paper quilling is so beautiful . But you to be very patient to make it. I also love the embroidered tree of life.


What a beautiful package! The quilling is especially gorgeous - one of those things I’d like to learn someday!

I received from @juju!

She sent so much great stuff!

First thing I opened was this inventive junk journal:

An awesome pin cushion!

And a PILE of stocking stuffers!

Those earrings are so cute! And I’m a sucker for chocolate! Those beaded dangles are going to look fabulous on my tree!


Another great swap package! The cross stitch work on the pin cushion is done beautifully; wish I had the patience and meticulous attention to do that sort of thing.

What a fun idea for the Christmas-themed junk journal! I think I would use it as a holiday planner and organizer. You know, activity lists and wish lists and receipts and that sort of thing, along with memories of events.


Thank you! The journal is exactly for those things you mentioned! It’s a December Daily Journal.

The dangles are glue charms/ dangles. The yellowish/red one I sorta named " Deanna’s Arizona" My step daughter lives there and when site seeing, i remember those colors.

I just got back into cross- stitching and knew she liked to do it also.


I received the most phenomenal package ever from @artsycandice. It is truly amazing and I loved everything in it!
I am at work posting this and I just realized I didn’t get a clear picture of the bag she made me. I will add that tonight. It is really cool and she patchworked it with fun Christmas prints.
Here is the haul all wrapped up. It’s all laying on the bag.

Scented Christmas stickers!

Treats galore. I have always wanted one of those hot chocolate bombs! I can’t wait to try it. And the hot chocolate and SweetTarts will not last long either! Ha!

Now the amazingly crafted items. I love the idea of Elf on a shelf, but dislike the design and size of the doll. I love the idea of having little elves hiding around. She created me two adorable ones to usher magic into my home. The details on these are incredible! The little polka dotted pants, the hats! They are amazing. I named them Hans and Fritz.

And the piece de resistance is this phenomenal ceramic wall hanging! These two cuties are adorable! I love the way their tails intertwine! @artsycandice your talent never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. You truly made my holiday.

I am going to show some close up shots of how cute these little faces are! And I love black cats. I have two. This is absolutely purrr-fect!


What a purr-fect gift for you. Amazing wall hanging! The kitties have such personality. And those sweet little elves melt my heart.

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love those elves! (and of course you named them! :heart_eyes:)
And the cats are perfect for @gozer!!

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those cats are stunning !

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Those cats are so plump and cute! I like the stripey details, too.

My son gets a new letter ‘A’ ornament each year from Santa. We were just putting them up in the tree yesterday! There’s one that looks like a mylar balloon, which is his favorite. It’s heavy. Kinda funny if you think about it.


My family all got sick, one after the other, and I’m just now digging myself out from under the tissues and medicine bottles. This gallery exploded with awesomeness!

Such great pacakages. I really love the Swedish horse, the purple art monster, and those amazing cats! What a wonderful swap! Thank you for organizing @geekgirl!


…But wait! There’s more!
@MightyMitochondria sent along an extra packet of goodies that had not made it into the original Santa’s Sack.

It was all wrapped up in this vintage-looking towel secured with yellow satin ribbon.
And inside:

Not one, but TWO additional vintage tins, both so quirky and charming. Plus vintage trims, three colors of thread/cording, and crocheted flowers (one of which inexplicably matches some that I already have.) And finally, a cheeky pink plastic thimble promoting a fabric shop called “Sew N Sew”.
Thanks SO much, @MightyMitochondria! You had already spoiled me, so this is just over the top. And I love all of it!


so much vintage/retro-ness! I love it!

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I couldn’t find the tin and contents (it was among a mess of craft supplies) when it was time to ship. I thought the smaller Iodex tin would look great as a pendant, similar to medicine tin necklaces I had seen on Pinterest, so I was pretty irked when I lost it! A craft room reorganization unearthed the hidden treasures.

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I agree that the Iodex tin would make a fun pendant. And I love vintage “good ribbon”, so I was very excited about the ribbon and trim as well. I’m sure the thimble will find its way onto a wreath or similar decoration. Glad you unearthed everything, and thanks again!


Oh, hey there.

All you swapping swappers check out the Peek Behind The Curtains Challenge! You don’t need to make something new to join in, you just have to (finally) share the things you’ve made already! WHAT!?

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