Sashiko Coasters

I cannot get enough sashiko stitching. Made these to go in Jemimah’s Christmas stocking. Apparently I am missing one of the 4" stencils, must go buy it and make more! :blue_heart:


You do a beautiful job with this meticulous stitching, I am so impressed! Beautiful work. I’d be tempted so sew those onto my clothes or a bag so I could carry them around with me all the time.

So pretty!

These are so pretty.:heart:

They are beautiful. I love sashiko designs…your stitching is so neat!

So beautiful…coasters are a clever idea…I am sure jemimah appreciates your stitching…you two are peas in a pod when it comes to blue…

So, so pretty! I have my very own sage green one as a pincushion with the lovely flower design made by you, and it’s sitting on top of my craft desk. Above the desk on a pile of stuff I should say. But it’s always up where I can see it and use it!

These are lovely!

These are beautiful! :blue_heart:

These are so gorgeous - and they are mine!! so lucky!! They are even nicer in real life - thank you again for a wonderful swap package Ave!

These look lovely, so clean and elegant

These are lovely!