Satin Pillowcases for Mom

My 91 year old mother does not ask for much, and since I am 1/2 a continent away, I can’t do many tasks for her. But she asked for satin pillowcases. Her last one, sewn by herself, finally wore out. She can’t sew any more, but I do! Mailing on Monday!
One is silver, one is white…all from stash.


How thoughtful. I’m sure your momma will appreciate your efforts. :purple_heart:


What a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

And an easy peasy project as well.

My mom always loved satin pillowcases. Apparently, it keeps a hairdo from messing up while you sleep !

Lovely job…and pretty neutral colors!

LOL, I don’t have a “hair do”! I have a hair don’t.

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lol My mom had the teased and sprayed hair style so she would wrap her hair and then sleep on satin pillowcases…it used to drive me crazy thinking about it, which is why I also just have a very simple unstyled hair! lol