2020 DeStash-Along

I think that’s second stash. Or is it stash-once-removed? :rofl:

I don’t have a pic, but I am working on some stash once removed myself that is also my deceased aunt’s UFO. I’m probably about 3/4 done and only had to buy one component. WOO!


I haven’t been crafting much this year, it’s been more of a writing year for me, so much so that I hadn’t signed up for the new site yet. But I had a nightmare last night about wanting to post and this site being gone, so I used that as motivation to actually make an account. I’m still on my old raglan shirt kick, so at least I’m destashing fabric. I’ll try to get some pics of my best work up soon!


Hi @gala_apples! Can’t wait to see your projects. I’m always amazed at people who can make their own t-shirts (I guess a raglan isn’t actually a t-shirt but they’re in the same general ballpark).

I finally finished up the 1/4 inch elastic in my stash and ordered 10 more yards off of Etsy. When I was planning my replacements-only DeStash year that supply wasn’t even on my radar as something I might use up.


I know it’s… you know, halfway through the year… but can I join? Life events have left me not making for way too long and I’m wanting to get back it.


@HolographicDreams It’s never too late to join! Grab your stash and start making stuff!

I made a quick collation of crafty things from stash for a younger cousin’s graduation gift. The university she will be attending in the Fall (hopefully) has purple as its school colors, and the pencil pouch incorporates a lot of materials that originally came from her grandmother’s stash. They don’t quite coordinate, but I’m pleased with how they turned out individually.


Used up some satin I had purchased who knows when for costumes. I’m not a satin person normally, but costumes. Yay.

So I made pillowcases for my mom. Not quite so flashy, but so important.


I’m looking forward to reading more of these destashing projects. Covid has reignited my desire to create & sew, so I’m trying to finish a bunch of UFO quilts & destash a bunch.
Here’s a few that I have completed in the last month.
![image|375x500]image image image image image image


Wow, you’ve been busy. I particularly like the one with green sashing


Thanks! It’s been fun! The green sashing one is probably my favorite too. I’m working on one today that I like even better. :slight_smile: I will share today or tomorrow when it’s done. Feels good to get these moving on to new homes. Most will be given to the children’s hospital to bring kids comfort or to a local community organization for low income families who just had a baby.


Finished another project from my stash, image image


I love this project! What size is it?

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Thanks! It’s 54” square.

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Very pretty quilt! Love the colors and the back is beautiful as well!

Thank you! It was a lot of fun!

Well, who would’ve thought that I’d decide we needed a few more masks around here as we’re staring July in the face? Sigh. Maybe a few of these patterns will make these particular types a bit more comfortable/less judgmental.


I did a bunch in red, white and blue stars hoping to make them less controversial…tomorrow they will mandate wearing them and you know what is going to hit the fan…ugh

I love all of them…the bottom one is my favorite


Can’t go wrong with camouflage in Montana! I doubt we’ll be mandated any time soon, if ever; our (pretty great) governor is running for Congress. Sigh.

I’m finishing up my last batch of masks from stash and taking a break. I’ve done over 300 since March and Connecticut is currently looking good, so the demand has slowed. Hospitals and others are still stocking up for the fall, but I have to tear my craft room apart and reconfigure so we can knock a door thru to our new 3 season porch…that hasn’t started building yet. There are three heavily laden shelves to move and there is A LOT of stuff to remove, sort, thin out, and re stock the shelves after moving. Not to mention repairing the walls, painting, chasing massive dust bunnies, etc.

I must find it in my little heart to get rid of some stuff. I simply do not have the room. Repeat until I can do it.


I hadn’t made masks for awhile, but a couple weeks ago my elastic finally showed up… after no one was requesting masks from me anymore. I replaced the over-ear elastic in ours with a much longer piece that goes behind the neck and over the head. So much more comfortable for us and also has them fit better across the chin/jaw and nose/cheekbones.

I am so excited for you for your new addition! I hope you’ll share some of the progress once it’s underway!


Another quilt ufo complete! I need to find out if the children’s hospital is accepting quilt donations yet.