School Pride Wreath

A few months back I was making a bunch of fabric twine wreaths, some like this one using fabric from soccer jerseys. I had this wreath wrapped and purchased the cool music line wooden sign that I purchased from an Etsy shop.

I rarely craft for my inlaws anymore because I’m not close with them and so too much time and effort, ya know…but…

I actually started this for my sister in law before the virus issue, but set it aside. My husband’s niece is in the marching band and nephew plays football (when he hasn’t been injured…and he gets injured a lot!) so along with school colors of maroon and gold (which was also mine and dh’s, as well as is our kids’ colors, too) and the music, I needed to showcase football somehow and the school name.

Well, I crocheted a football applique yesterday, and a few days before that settled on Scrabble pieces for the name, which ended up a perfect fit! I ordered the ones I needed from another Etsy shop (now more than ever shop small!), and hot glues them in place. Ta da!


That music swirl fits perfectly, doesn’t it? Love that you shop small… Wreath on!


What a nice wreath. I like all the elements.


So perfectly balanced and so spirited!

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What a great idea, it really came out beautiful. It’s inspiring me :slight_smile:

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