Scrap quilt and thoughts on organising scrap fabric

While making the top of my one block wonder quilt, I used a lot of leaders and ender’s. Instead of my standard 1.5" sq leaders and enders, I joined all my strips of 2.5" scraps. Then sewed them together in rainbow order, slashing it about a third across to reverse a strip.

It was a fast make because I had all the scrap strips. It ended up about 40" x 50" it’ll go into my daughter’s car to brighten up the back seat.

Thoughts on scrap. I used to have a scrap mountain, stuffed in bags and forgotten. Through trial and error I now have a system, which might be useful to you. After every project, I immediately cut leftover fabric into usable strips. My preference is for 2.5" strips and squares. Once I’ve cut as many of them as I can, then I cut the biggest strips, down to about 1.5" anything smaller than that I throw away. I also cut some 1.5" squares for leaders and ender’s.

This was what I had left after trimming the quilt. The stuff on the left will be tossed.

Cut into strips.

I carefully put them into boxes, because if they get thrown in, then they will need ironing before use and I know I won’t bother, and they won’t get used

This is my current scrap stash. Three small boxes, sorted by colour, all cut into usable strips. I keep my 2.5" strips separate, and any binding leftovers get wound onto cards for small projects.

Once the boxes start to fill, then it’s time to do something with them. Which was why I made the above quilt. The boxes are getting fullish now, so I’ll make a scrappy log cabin quilt next.

Leaders and enders btw will eventually be a ‘free’ quilt (or at least a block) they are the little squares I sew together at the start or end of a chain piecing row, this stops the machine eating the thread and starting with a snarled seam. It also saves so much thread.

Lots of detail on leaders and enders here


Beautiful my dear!

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This is gorgeous! I love that it’s going into your daughter’s car to add some color! What a generous mom. :slight_smile: :heart:


I am going to have to buy into your “get it done” head set!

Good idea to keep up with the scraps…I cut them and never do anything with them…

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This is such a bright, colorful, happy quilt! I love the stack and flip method of having that strip in the middle going the opposite direction.

You just opened up a whole new world of possibility for me! I always use leaders, but never enders. I will definitely start now though. I love the idea of creating a secondary quilt, while in the midst of making a different quilt!


The quilt is beautiful. I love how bright and cheery it is and you did a fantastic job on the color blend.
Your organization is staggering. I throw all of my scraps in a box and rummage through it over and over again. Eeps.

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That is what I used to do and as @AIMR says. I never used them much. But since I forced myself into having a system, I use so much more.


I use them about 90% of the time, and always regret when I don’t-so many thread nests. Plus I really think it saves a ton of thread.


This is so clever and cheerful! thanks for the great tips too

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I love this so much! It is bright and cheerful!

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You make beautiful quilts.

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I love this quilt! Awesome rainbow and the middle strip is the best.

Look at you with organized scraps! Ooo-la-la! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This is a beautiful quilt! :smiley:

I know! And if you knew me, you would know that being this organised is anathema to my fundamental character :joy:

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It’s hard to imagine such a cool looking quilt was put together using leftovers! And what a great gift for such a fun purpose!

It must feel sooooo satisfying each time you put your freshly cut strips and bits into their storage boxes.

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It’s actually even more satisfying when I dive back into the scrap boxes and they are all laid out ready to use. I made a load of new blocks today and used up most of my yellow and orange scraps, a couple more sessions like that and I’ll have another quilt and no scraps.

I have to credit @MistressJennie though. When I visited her craft room, I was really struck by her organisation (I know she thinks it’s nothing special because she had to work that way in theatre) it was so far from what my work space/methods were. When I got home i took my half assed organisation methods and really worked on learning about and installing good systems. More importantly for me, I worked on maintaining the systems of organisation. That discipline has been really good and has made me significantly more productive-especially at times like this when I hit a ‘i have to make all the things’ groove.


I like your organization theory and that quilt is amazing!

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Gorgeous quilt and your organization skills… I want to be you when I grow up!

Amazing and beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

What a beautiful quilt! I’ll bet your method would work for paper, too. Hmmmm…