Scrappy Blanket Squares

I crocheted blanket squares from miscellaneous balls of yarn!

I used a few colors from my stash, but these are mostly made from random balls of yarn that someone donated to my local yarnworkers group. I volunteered to make them into blanket squares, and then someone else will mix them with other donated squares to make blankets!

The initial pile of yarn in my yarn bowl:

I used an H hook (5 mm) for all of the squares and the yarn seemed to be mostly worsted weight. Iโ€™ve had Polly Plumโ€™s Lovestruck Collection (ravelry link) in my library for a while, so this seemed like a good project to try out more of the patterns from it! Each of the blocks in the collection is 9" with an optional border to make it 12". I needed 10" squares, so I made the 9" blocks and added rows to bring them up to 10".

The finished squares:

(Victor pattern)

(June pattern, Ravelry link)

(George pattern, Ravelry link)

(Ilsa pattern, Ravelry link)

(Rick pattern, Ravelry link)

(Harold pattern, Ravelry link)

(Johnny pattern, Ravelry link)

(Sally pattern, Ravelry link)


I love them, you chose the colors so well! (That is a skill I donโ€™t feel I have.)
It was a great way to try out some squares without having to make a life-time commitment to them if you wanted to wander off to other patterns. Genius.


Lovely! They look like Moroccan tiles!


Thank you! :smiley: I was having a bit of a hard time coordinating colors by the end, so Iโ€™m glad they look ok!

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Gorgeous! I zoomed in to see every delicious detail!

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Beautiful! #s 1 and 6 are my favs.

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The patterns and your mix of yarns (with what you had!) is fabulous! Each one is a little piece of crochet art! That is going to make such an interesting and colorful blanket!

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These are so cheery and comforting-looking.

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Jaw dropped

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Beautiful and so vibrant!! Itโ€™s hard to pick a fave.

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Just stunning!

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Oh my gosh! These are so fun!


Those of you who picked favorites, I have no idea how you managed to do that. These are all gorgeous!