Scrappy bunting

Sent to a little friend, just for fun :blush:

This was impossible to get a good photo of.

Press scraps to fusible interfacing.

Stitch all over.

Add backing fabric, sew as many triangles as possible, cut apart, turn right sides out and attach with bias tape.

Bunting is so adorable, I hope she’ll like it.


It’s so cute! What’s not to love about triangle buntings?? :heart_eyes:

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Love how cheerful and scrappy it is. Love it!

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ACK! So cute! I love your method for getting all those triangles out of that long narrow rectangle so efficiently and quickly!

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I even sewed the end half cuts into 2 more triangles, easy enough since it was all raw edges anyhow. Can you find those 2?
Zero waste! The backing and bias tape were in stash, even the interfacing was a scrappy piece.
The lines are sewn pretty close together, very little seam allowance to trim away. I got 20 flags from that little space!


AWESOME!!! I’m going to guess the 2nd from the bottom on the left “column” and the 3rd from the bottom of the center “column”? BUT I wouldn’t have noticed at all had your not put to me the challenge!

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Yup! It’s obvious when you know what to look for, I think. The centre line… But they went together perfectly, I was so happy to get an extra 2 and waste nothing from that scrappy sheet.

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The scrappiness makes them just right regardless if you notice them as different.

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I love my scrappy bunting. Mine was made from triangles left over from corner cuts. But i like this technique… Do i need MORE scrappy bunting???


Ummm, yes. Everyone needs more bunting- scrappy and otherwise.

Love love love love love!!! I need some tiny scrappy bunting in my life. Goodness knows I have enough scraps! Wonderful execution and inspiration as always!! :heart:

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This is fabulous! I am bookmarking all of the scrappy projects for future inspiration!

I love how you sewed them down all securely!

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