Scrappy Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket

I had a bunch of leftover yarn from a cowl and shawl project that I made using Lion Brand Ferris Wheel yarn. I decided to make a snuggly lap blanket for a coworker who has been going through some personal issues. A cozy blanket always makes everything better, right? I did end up having to buy three new balls of yarn to finish the blanket, so now I have three remaining half balls to come up with a use for, but at least I got rid of a bunch of other partial skeins.

Here is a photo of the blanket taken on my oversized arm chair:

and a nice folded shot of the blanket:

I gave it to her today and she was delighted. The Ferris Wheel yarn is a nice soft acrylic and the corner to corner crochet method makes a nice squishy blanket that’s nearly free of the holes you sometimes get with crochet blankets. Hopefully it’ll be snuggly, warm, and just the right amount of cozy to make her days a little brighter.


I love the colors. That was a really nice surprise for your coworker :slight_smile:

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You had me at scrappy. :smile: Love the color!!


I really love the colors too. It is so pretty.

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So much color! I adore it! Also a very thoughtful gift :blue_heart:

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that looks great.

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That’s so thoughtful and it came out so pretty. I love how the C2C stripes look in those colors and I didn’t know that about the holes/air spaces being less in a C2C. I’ve been meaning to learn how to do that style and now I have another point in the “reason’s to do it” column.

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This is so pretty. I love the colors and you are such a sweet person to do this for your co-worker.
PS. Yes, blankets always help in rough times! :wink:

It is so nice! I have all these cakes of Lion Brand mandala I’m forever trying to force myself to make shawls with but it just doesn’t happen. A blanket is a great idea. And I’ve been meaning to try corner to corner. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me :slight_smile:

I love the color combination! And, what an amazing gift to make for a coworker. I’m sure it will be much appreciated. I haven’t tried corner to corner yet, but it’s on my list (I think I’ll be starting with a dishcloth to get the hang of it before I jump into a blanket)!

It’s like a colorful, warm hug!

This is utterly charming! I love the colors and the texture and the way they are together. I’m sure your friend will find good comfort with this blanket.

Love it!! Great colours and neat stitching!!
It is an extra plus that you used scraps, right?!

Great job! :orange_heart:

Love this pattern, it looks lovely. It is an amazing gift to give someone.

I have been thinking of trying a blanket next as I don’t really need to make anymore shawls here. Maybe a nice throw for winter nights might be just the thing.

That’s a wonderful gift!
I love the colors and it looks very comfortable.

oh no. You fell prey to the old “using up stash” ploy - where you end up buying more to complete the project, and then have new remnants to be “used up”.

Tale as old as time, indeed!

Also, I adore how this turned out. and I know your coworker really appreciated your thoughtfulness.


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This is so lovely! Both the blanket, and the fact that it’s cheering someone up. Did you use just one color of Ferris Wheel, or multiple colorways?

I am swooning because I love colorful!

I’m pretty sure it was the remnants of 8 skeins! I knit both a cowl and a shawl with the rest of the yarn that didn’t make it into the blanket. Now I just need to figure out what to make with these half balls that I have left of the last three colors I had to purchase!

I watched a YouTube video to learn from “The Purple Poncho.” Once you get the hang of it, it just grows like crazy.

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