Scrappy Heart Garland - Talk Scrappy To Me Challenge Entry

For the Talk Scrappy To Me Challenge I decided to make some scrappy paper hearts I saw on a video.

First I gathered up a bunch of paper scraps of various sizes and put them in a container.

Over time I threw in various inks and left over paints to color the scraps. This is messy as I use my hands to toss the scraps around.

Once the scraps were dyed enough and dry I started using mat medium to adhere to leftover book pages. you could use thicker paper but they turn out pretty sturdy without.

Once I had several pages done I added gold mica ink splatters

I used a heart stencil and traced on the back and cut out all my hearts

Not pictured - I used my crop-a-dile and punched holes and added eyelets. the eyelets are not scraps but came with the crop-a-dile. I wouldnโ€™t normally use white so this project let me use up all the white eyelets I had so yay for stash busting!

Then I threaded the hearts on s random piece of jute twine I had.

and took a bunch of pics trying to find some good lighting


Ooh, I love this! The technique & the end result, just fabulous!

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So pretty and charming!

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These are so cute! Fun way to dye and colored scrap paper. The colors are gorgeous.


Theyโ€™re so vibrant! Just lovely.

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This is wonderful and reminds me of a @reinikka/@geekgirl mash-up style. Love it!


I adore your garland! This is super cool. I would be thrilled to have something like this hanging in craft room. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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This speaks to my heart loving heart- so pretty!

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High praise!!! :grin: I love everything @geekgirl does and this garland is no exception, I absolutely love, love, love all those hearts!!! Thank you for sharing the process too :heart_eyes:


This is genius. I have to remember!

I am also feeling the need to add gold mica ink splatters to everything.

Love this project!!


This turned out so pretty! Happy hearts everywhere!

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These are delightful!

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The process of layering is beautiful and the end project really displays the riot of color wonderfully. So cheerful, great job!

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You dumped your leftover ink and paint from projects in there? Cool. I usually leave acrylic in my palette and let it harden then pull it out when it builds up enough. No idea what to do with those half-circle things.

These are great! I love the idea of a scrappy paint bin full of paper. The organic coloring you get is awesome!

:mirror_ball: :dancing_women: :ice_cube: :dancing_women: :mirror_ball: Woohoo! Your cool craft is one of this weekโ€™s Featured Projects! Thanks for sharing it here with us! :mirror_ball: :dancing_women: :ice_cube: :dancing_women: :mirror_ball: