Scrappy "Masterboards" with wrapping paper

Masterboards are in quotations because I’m not entirely sure that’s what I made :joy:

I may use them as backgrounds for something, so…they do count as masterboards, yes?

I only just learned about masterboards from this website. I’d done “prepapred papers” before, which I suppose is a similar idea. But I only used acrylic paint or watercolour for those.

I actually used one of those prepared papers for this, and used up some scraps, as well as other media.

I started by adding some swirls with alcohol marker on a pre-painted (acrylic) paper.

I had some wrapping paper scraps I wanted to use up. I cut out some of the cute illustrations from the wrapping paper and glued them on.

Then I thought I’d try some texture stuff. I’ve had this roll of… whatever this is

sitting in a drawer for what might be years. I don’t remember why I have it, neither can I think of something to do with it… so I thought I’d try using a dark pink alcohol marker over it to make a textured doodle… but it didn’t work very well because the mesh is very malleable and it just kept moving around. And because I had to keep rearranging the thing… my hands looked quite suspicious by the end of it, lol!


I got a little texture, but I could have easily done this by just “dotting” the paper with the marker.

After the failed texture experiment, I added some gesso, as I wanted to dull out the wrapping paper a bit.

Finally, I added some floral stamps.

They look different depending how the light hits.

And there they are: my first masterboards. I made 2.

I do like to just experiment with things and see what happens. I know there’s all kinds of lessons online to learn different art techniques, but I really like to just try things out, make a mess, try again. It’s more fun to go a little wild :slight_smile:


I’d say prepared papers is very similar to what we think of as masterboards. We generally use them as something we’ve prepared without a specific use that we cut up into all sorts of things: tiny art, atc backgrounds, tags, scraps, etc. Keep at it! You can make them any way you like!

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All the layers give it an interesting look. Chopping it up into smaller sections would further this, i think. Looks like you had a lot of fun!