Scrappy Mixed with Embroidery Tote

Side One:

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Decided to “use the good stuff” so I am going through my collection of various fabrics. I had lots of Australian aboriginal designed fabric that I am using to make myself a quilt. Not being enamored of the actual quilting part of quilting, the finished top is sitting in a pile somewhere, to be completed by this summer (maybe!)…

The scraps, however…how could I resist! I followed a tutorial by an awesome sewist to make this frankenbag…the process is simple…take all the pieces and cobble them together to make new fabric. I loved the whole process, so I will be making more!

Here is one of the pieces I put together using the tiniest bit of scraps in some sections! After making these new panels, they are quilted onto some batting. I used an old sheet over the batting as well so the panels are quite sturdy.

20220411_101348 (1)

I was given some gorgeous embroideries that I wanted to incorporate. They are from Africa, but they felt like they fit the theme. I held on to these for so long…I am glad to finally use them.

The interior lining is just more fabric but it is a nice contrasting one in my favorite color, RED!

I have indeed used up some of the “good stuff” for myself…and it feels great!

Gratuitous picture of the bag waiting to be filled up and carried around all summer!


This is gorgeous! (Happy to see you back on the site!)


This is lovely, great size for a beach bag, project bag, shopping bag…

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Oooh lovely, I love how you’ve incorporated the embroideries, they fit in really well

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Wonderful combinations of fabrics! That’s a tote you will be happy to get to use.

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Woo, that is so beautiful. What a fantastic bag, I love it!

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I am truly enamored of the aboriginal fabrics!
Lovely, lovely bag.

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Just…wow! She’s a stunner, my friend!

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Truly a work of art!!

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You have made Even Better Stuff out of your Good Stuff! WOW. I have just come to LC from scrolling 1stDibs and feel like this bag would fit in with their super high-end, designer pieces.


All the fabrics work so well together. I love the goat! It’s a beautiful bag!


Marvelous scrappy tote!

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Fabulous! The grey sun shapes are the perfect foil for all that glorious colour.

Wow! This is beautiful :heart_eyes:

I love how you showcased the goat and cow. This bag is gorgeous.


I feel a little bad that I mixed African embroidery with Aboriginal designed fabrics but they seemed to meld together. I really didn’t have any suitable African designed fabrics in my stash to go with the embroideries, which I have “saved” for years…now, I at least use the bag at least once a week!