Scrappy Rainbow Clothesline Necklaces

I have been wanting to try a scrappy version of my clothesline necklace for a while now. Recently, my good friend @MistressJennie was going through a tough time but is FINALLY seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. What better metaphor for this journey than a rainbow that appears just as the sun is persevering over a storm? I decided to make this scrappy necklace a rainbow for her!

I started by making a scrappy strip of fabric.

And then decided I needed some extra length and added black and white to both ends.

This strip ended up being wide enough to make 2 necklaces. The first one I left unadorned so as not to break up the rainbow pattern and sent of to Jennie.

The second one got a metal tube bead courtesy of Mr. Road:

I also tried out a new clasp method for these versions. It’s a little less rustic than my previous method from my tutorial.

If you are interested in learning more about my updated method (not that you couldn’t figure it out for yourselves, you crafty bunch), I’m teaching a class on how to make these necklaces Dec 11!

As a :boom: BONUS :boom: I’m going to be giving away the second necklace in this post as part of my class, as it is currently looking for a home. Everyone who signs up for my class will be entered to win. I will randomly draw a winner during the zoom and post it in the thread for those who can’t attend live.

Thanks for looking and hope to see you in the class! :grin:


I adore my rainbow necklace! I even wore it in last weekend’s canning class, so I could show it off. Can’t wait to take your class dear. :smile:


I noticed your rainbow necklace in that class Jennie! How cool.

It’s beautiful. And I’m signed up! Excited to see you demo your technique Abbee :blush:


This is so pretty! I love the way the fabrics flow.

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This is just so lovely - in thought and in execution!

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So gorgeous!

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Thanks guys!

Mistress Jennie does love her rainbows! You did her proud I’m sure

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I love your clothline necklaces so much Abbie! The one you made me is so my vibe. Too too cool, and the class you’re going to teach will be epic I bet. So many ways to customize and make it ones own. :heart:

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These are awesome! I love the scrappiness!

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Congrats! Your project was one of the best of 2021! You are awesome!

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