Scrappy Refillable Notebook Cover & One Insert - Talk Scrappy To Me Challenge Entry

ok, I seriously don’t know where this goes because I did so much sewing :sweat_smile: but I think it’s ultimately a paper craft? So here it goes! :upside_down_face:

My entry for the Talk Scrappy To Me Challenge :partying_face:

The scraps:

I took my fabric scraps and sewed them onto some cardstock scraps. I really liked the cover design on my Itty Bity Watercolor Book with the smaller flap that folds over the front so I mimicked it a little with this design.

Here’s the outside after sewing:

I covered the inside with gelli print scraps:

Then I used some stained paper scraps:

To make these Frankenstein pages:

…which when in a certain order and sewn together make a tabbed notebook insert:

The last step was to add a cord to keep it all closed. I went a little funky by making it go across at an angle. Then on the inside it makes an extra spot for another notebook to go.

Thank you so much for looking :kissing_heart: I had a lot of fun with this challenge :grin:


This is so beautiful!

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oh wow I love everything about this! so many scraps!!!

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This is scraptastic!

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Love it! So colorful and so scrappy!

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This is AWESOME. I love the scrappy cover but I think my favorite thing is the Frankenpages. The coolest!

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This is reallllly cool!

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Mixed media scrappy! Cool!

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Thank you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

All the scraps! I love that you combined paper scraps and fabric scraps. Super cool!

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Whoa, all the scraps! Every kind of scrap! This is amazing.

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