Scrappy Scrunchies - A 90s Throwback (Talk Scrappy to me Challenge)

I recently hemmed 7 pairs of long stretchy pants and gave them fun elastic hems. I was left with enough fabric to make matching scrunchies to coordinate (and to offer some in the upcoming STS).

This is my entry for the Talk Scrappy to Me Challenge.

Here they are! Since 2 pairs of pants are black, I’ll end up with 4 black scrunchies.

[Uploading: 20230704_143036.jpg…]

Using the hems gave me a pre-sewn tube to slide in the elastic, which saved me a step!

Here’s an example of the scrunchie matching the pants.

And, action shot!

My hair is no longer thick like I used to think it was and won’t grow very long, but I could still do a bit of a messy bun.

Thanks for looking!
(Talk Scrappy to Me Challenge)


Super cute! What a great way to use up your scraps.


Ah. The return of the scrunchy. It was inevitable. LOL! I think it is so fun to have them match your pants.


Great way to use those hem pieces from your pants. No waste! :fist:

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These will be cute paired with your pants. And messy bun for the win! When my hair was long, that was my go-to. It never goes past my shoulders anymore.

I’m wearing the floral pant/scrunchies today.

Great way to immediately turn those cut-off pieces into useful items!

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Most people here know how I feel about recycled pants/jeans, but using the hem is A-OK! :laughing:
Very cool. I love that you can match your outfits! Adorable.

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What a great idea. I love that you took something that would otherwise have ended up in the trash and turned it into something stylish and functional!