Scrappy thread catcher

Made for the Amazing @Abbeeroad in the Sew Scrappy Swap!

Gotta love a project that lets you hide a parent joke in it :smile:

Thread catcher pin cushion combo to fit a specific space (I sure hope it fits anyhow)

I actually had all the denim scallops (real pants @Kwality570, haha!) cut out from ages ago so this was a scrap and UFO buster! The reverse side of the busy scallops is a piece from a denim coloured duvet cover I bought (new) & cut down to fit our camping mattress.

The opening has a strip of plastic boning inside to hold it open wide. Cotton lace & mini pompom trip because why not? Go busy or go home, lol.


This is so fun. I love all the different kinds of fabrics you used in the scallops and the boning to keep the bag open is so practical.

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Those scallops make me swoon (even if some are recycled jeans) :heart:

This is the epitome of fun and functional!


It’s wonderfully constructed, both structurally and creatively!! The scallops are so fun and full of scrappy delights. :heart_eyes:

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Love the scaly scallops. They add such a cute dimension to the project. Also love that you called out @Kwality570 . Hilarious!


SO cute and so useful! It’s so nice when our mundane things can be fun!

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So cute! Using the boning was brilliant!

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So much fun!

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