Scrappy Tree Ornaments

I originally made these for the Small Batch Ornament Swap. After finishing, I tested one with minimal packaging and found it was a millimeter too thick to count as letter dimensions for postage. Whomp whomp. So I made some others instead. I still think these are cute and I’ll add them to my holiday gift offerings.

They were made with fabric twine I twisted from some scraps and wrapped to create the tree bases. I decorated them with some fiber-y yarn for garland, and ornaments made from thread and spongey pom poms I cut in half. The trunks are a lacey ribbon. To top them off, I made the yellow pom poms, and added leather cord hangers.

And here they are being modeled by my mini tree. :smiley:

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Delightfully scrappy! I love these so much!!

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These are so fun and colorful! Just love the texture of them. I’m glad you plan to gift them to people. They would also make impressive package decorations. Since they are flat and unbreakable, they’d work well as toppers for gifts you planned to ship.

So fun!
They look like cookies with icing, tons of sprinkles and M&Ms (or am I just hungry?)

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So cheery! These would also make adorable toppers on gifts.

So cute, scrappy, and festive!!

These are so cool!

I consistently see them as M&M cookies :laughing:.

Its a shame i cant try to snag one. They are scraptastic!