Scraps in Bloom - Spring Is In the Air Challenge Entry

Look at you bringing out your internal Nigel :smiley:

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Yesss! :sunglasses:


Love this! :heart_eyes:

(not that I need more project ideas…)


Oh! That’s what that teaser pic was about! Yes, a giant bouquet would be whimsical and unique.

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That is lovely. Having just bought a new to me vw beetle, I could imagine one of these in the vase looking awesome.

Are you able to do a tutorial?

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Congrats on the beetle! I always wanted one of those. I have a mini now which is kind of close? I think a scrappy flower would look soo cool!!

Tutorial-wise, I can try! I’m not sure when I would be able to get it done and posted, though. Are you familiar with stump work in embroidery? It’s the same technique just applied to a scrappy stitched piece of fabric. For the leaves I used felt as a base to stitch scraps to and would probably do that for the petals too for v2. The trickiest part is getting the wires from each petal to wrap around each other to form a flower shape. I’ll try to work on a tute with visuals and better explanation! :heart:

It’s my third one!! The one I’ve just got rid of was a glittery purple one so that was tough to see go. But it was failing and would have cost way more than it’s worth to fix it.

I have never tried stumpwork, but will look into it.

:heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

What color is the new one??

This one.

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You are in luck!


Love!!! Def needs a scrappy flower. :wink:

And yes! I meant to look for sheep’s tute (I couldn’t remember if it made it over from the old place). Thank you @Magpie! That’s a great place to start. @sheepBlue is responsible for any stump work skills I have. :laughing: