Seashell Decoupage trinket holder

A version of this craft came up in my Pinterest feed from a stupid expensive store. They were selling them for 30.00 bucks a piece!!! I decided to make my own. I want to make more for the holidays. I am really happy with the way they turned out.


How sweet! The bird paper is especially pretty.

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Really sweet!

I have a hoard of pretty napkins that want to be glued to stuff…


Thanks! I know what you mean @steiconi -I have a few other ideas that I want to try

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Really cute! I’m especially partial to the bird one.


What a great idea. They’re beautiful!

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LOVE these! I have a ridiculous number of decorated/decoupaged shells in my pinterest so that someday I will try.

Wow, those are awesome! So pretty!

These are so neat! Love the paper choices - i agree, the bird one is fantastic.

Oh man. We just brought SO MANY shells back home from the beach. I will have to try this. I love your results!

Ohh, the bunny! How completely adorable. Did you decoupage with napkins? Regular paper? How did you do it? Ack, so cute! I wanna try.
I sure miss your videos. Did I tell you I used to catch the kids when they were little-little filming “Craftster’s Cuties” videos on their ds? LOL, the sweetest.


Thanks all! It was SO easy! I used napkins. I took the napkins apart (the back from the printed front). Modge podge the shell and then pressed the napkin on. I spritzed water on the shell with the napkin on it so I could get out any wrinkles and make it easier to tear away the napkin.
Let it dry then modge podge the top. I am going to make a Halloween one, so I will try to take pics of the process for ya.


These are beautiful!!!

These are so pretty and would make lovely Christmas ornaments, too.

So cool! I have a pile of sea shells from my kid’s summer adventures, I wonder if there are cool napkins anywhere in our vast stash, might have to try this :slight_smile:
Your choice of images is really pretty.