Second attempt at Resin

Hmm! My post on the reddit Craftster is gone. Meh, anyhoo, this is my second time trying out the resin. I kind of figured I would have issues with the bubbles, but that wasn’t the purpose of this go around. I had read that this brand of resin (EasyCraft) turns yellow after time. So I’m trying to see if I can use that yellowing as an advantage instead of a “cuss about it later”, heh.


This is gorgeous! It would make a stunning pendant.

That’s what I’m aiming for, and to be honest I was really hoping there were going to be no bubbles. Oh poo. Anyway, I really like how the mulberry looks on it. Even the first one out of Russian olive looks good, too. Though, it is awfully dark.


The way the light hits – I actually like the bubbles in there with the butterfly. Just think of the bubbles as angelic glitter. :angel:


Heh, well, if this resin does get a yellowish tint to it, it may look just like that. Have to wait for the weather to get warmer (as I’m guessing it’s the heat that may cause it). I’ve got 9 monarch butterflies ready to cut out for the good ones that I’ll do once I get my hands on some black glue (for the bodies) and a heat gun.

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I agree with @Jeanne that it will be a beautiful pendant. I’ve never worked with resin, so I have no idea what to expect or how it works.

I think that maybe @Edel closed the C-ster reddit now that we have LC? I noticed it didn’t show up for me anymore, too.


Ooh, just thinking about it, here’s some butterflies that I made for the earrings, but they’re exactly the same as the one in the butterfly pendant.

(woops! Looked again. I forgot I used a different butterfly for the other earrings).


@CatwithSevenToes What are your plans for these pretties? They would make nice gifts.

DH and I have considered using resin with some larger wood projects, but we haven’t tinkered with it yet. One idea is a wood table top with resin encased stones or stained items. Perhaps in the spring when we can get outside, and when we find a sale on gallon jugs of resin.

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. I’ve gotten real good with making dollhouse miniature cat tree kits, so now I’m looking for the next thing. I know I can do small plant pot necklace pendants, but I need to change my method of making the tiny pots. O_o, erf, my brain is muddled right now.

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I’ve watched enough videos to know that I should get me a heat gun to deal with the bubbles. However, I need a little more money before I can do that, heh. Though, that is definitely on my list.

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Until you get a heat gun, you can try using a straw and blowing along the surface. It really helps get bubbles out.


Next one.

And Mama wanted to say hi. She’s about ten years old and has reverted to a kitten again. I wish I could be young old like her, heh.


Aw sweet kitty. The red pigment took on an interesting shape and draws the eye. Unique!

I think the resin turned out beautifully. What are you making the butterflies out of? Paper and glue? They are amazing. Definitely make some pendants!
Also, love Mama. I had to laugh because I have been adding the erroneous cat pic yo the end of my posts too. I mean, the are there every step of the way, feels like they deserve a little credit.

Yeah. I haven’t found a way to make them as versatile and as visually appealing as paper can be. So, until I can find a better method, that’s it, heh.

Latest update, I’ve resanded and smoothed them out as much as possible. So now it’s time to figure out how to add the necklace loops and to add a finishing coat over them.


I’m still trying to figure out how you get the resin to stay inside the wooden space.

But the end pieces are truly unique and lovely! I hope to see more of your work!


What I did for my first attempt, I had used clamps and thin boards to hold the pieces on parchment paper. This time around, I glued the pieces onto regular printer paper. Then just sanded it off.

Here’s what they look like after dipping them into another batch of resin.

My wife’s necklace.

Now to see if this clears them up.

(edit: back to the drawing board. Hanging them was not the right thing to do. The resin had drained off of parts of them, so looks like I’ll have to sand and retry again later…Oh poo!).

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Oh, I had a little bit of resin left so I decided to put it in a piece of bamboo I had cut. So here’s a good example of the clamping method I use.

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Beautiful! I love the shapes - they look very touchable.

Ahhhhhh! Yes! This makes sense, now! Thank you for sharing!

I think they are brilliant.