Second hand picture frames revamped

Yes, he does love to do the downcast eyes in pictures together. I think it’s cute. :kissing_cat:

My partner has noticed that we don’t have any pictures of the two of us displayed in our house, so I’m giving these to him for Valentine’s Day. Both are thrift store picture frames. The white one I didn’t repaint, just glued some bits on for interest - a crystal, fake flowers, a button, and sequins.

On the larger frame, I pried up a metal sheet that was nailed down and sanded off the lettering.

Gave it a few coats of grey base paint:

I had no plan for the painting, just got out some blues and dabbed them around with a sponge.

Then I dotted on reds and pinks and padded a dry sponge around to spread them and mute the colors a little bit. And finally, a wee heart on top!

I’m happy with both of them, although after I glued the crystal on it started looking a little… hm, different than I had intended. Let’s see if he notices. :eggplant:


What a nice gift! And you guys are so cute. I love how you upcycled the frames!!!

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These are awesome revamps. I’ll look at thrift store frames differently now!

And HAHAHAHA. Subtle. :wink:

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Beautiful job transforming ho-hum frames into something special and so pretty.

The crystal and roses addition is a nice touch. :ok_hand:

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Haha!! Sweet gift! And yay for upcycling too!

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Nice frames, and hilarious touch you’ve added!

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The blue one is my favorite. I don’t know what you’re talking about on the other one! :innocent:

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