See All Images by This User?

Is there a way to look up only all the images a user has posted? I see I can look up all posts and all topics but sometimes I’m searching for something in particular and this function has been useful in the past.



That was a super handy feature! I would like to know the answer to this as well. This was especially helpful during craft swaps.


Ditto, ibid, and what they said up there :slight_smile: That was a handy dandy helpful feature.

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Tossing my hat in for this feature too.


I agree this would be a useful feature, especially since we don’t have personal image galleries anymore. I would like to be able to see all of my own images posted, so I can easily grab the code without having to reupload.


One (maybe? I’m not a computer programmer, so maybe not!!!) easy way to build this would be on their profile, where you see “top topics” etc, have a header called “top completed projects”. Maybe you could even have it show little thumbnail pictures beside each one.


Not quite what I’m looking for - I’m wanting to see all images, not just completed projects. So like, craftalong pictures, swap gallery stuff, everything.


I’d like that too. Sometimes it’s really tedious scrolling back through a long topic looking to revisit an image that was posted somewhere by someone but I forget who or where, lol.


@Magpie - the longer threads are really challenging!

I was able to search >select in topic> and use “.jpeg” and you can see a results set with a listing of each post with an image. Although there aren’t thumbnails you are able to click on a post, and it takes you to the selection. Then if it’s not the right one, you can re-click on the search glass, and the same results set is there, and you can continue looking.

    [of course, if they loaded a png, it doesn't work]


In Advanced Search
Posted by > select user
Under Only return topics > select include images

the search field looks like this: [@Magpie with:images]
then search, and it seems to work, regardless of file type. Still no thumbnails, but there you go!


Bookmarking your solution, thanks lady!

@Magpie I edited my post after you replied. Check out the steps above & image for steps.

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Oh, I forgot about that black setting, haha. Thought we were looking at Disc for a sec there :smiley:

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Yeah, I did that as soon as I saw it as an option!


I feel like there was previously a way to see the images or projects that someone had posted but I cannot seem to find a similar feature now. I am such a visual person but I struggle with some memory things. Words (like other member’s names especially) are often challenging for me to hang onto. If I can see their work, it’s like seeing a face I recognize.

Anyhow, now I’m rambling. Thank you for any assistance…


I agree - I loved the “view all projects posted by this member” and “view all images posted by this member” features from the old site.

I know we can still view topics, but it’s not the same “snapshot” of work that artsy is describing: i.e. Topics by Abbeeroad


I miss that too (having a view of all images posted by a member).

TRy the advanced search. If you dig through the options you can search for someone and with images is one of the options.

Select the search magnifying glass at the top and select Options.
Enter someone’s name in Posted, and add any other criteria. Include image(s) is under the Only return topics/posts area.

So typing or selecting criteria with @Abbeeroad with:images returns Abbeeroad’s posts with images. Not perfect, but narrows things down.

Can you tell I write quick reference cards and courseware?


Hm…you still have to click each post to see the images, unless I’m doing it incorrectly?

The old site just brought you to a scrolling page off all posts with images - no clicking required to see each one. Does that make sense?

ETA: An image thumbnail in the topics or image search results could be a potential fix? I have no idea how feasible that is. :laughing:

You have a point there. I loved the image feature. You could quickly scan old swaps for ideas or to remind yourself of what the heck you had created, or for that matter swapped with in the past.

Yes, I wish for that feature too!


Merged with an older topic, but want to make sure I understand your vision! :slight_smile: You’d like the photo thumbnails to appear on that search result page, right?