See All Images by This User?

Is there a way to look up only all the images a user has posted? I see I can look up all posts and all topics but sometimes I’m searching for something in particular and this function has been useful in the past.



That was a super handy feature! I would like to know the answer to this as well. This was especially helpful during craft swaps.

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Ditto, ibid, and what they said up there :slight_smile: That was a handy dandy helpful feature.

Tossing my hat in for this feature too.

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I agree this would be a useful feature, especially since we don’t have personal image galleries anymore. I would like to be able to see all of my own images posted, so I can easily grab the code without having to reupload.

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One (maybe? I’m not a computer programmer, so maybe not!!!) easy way to build this would be on their profile, where you see “top topics” etc, have a header called “top completed projects”. Maybe you could even have it show little thumbnail pictures beside each one.

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Not quite what I’m looking for - I’m wanting to see all images, not just completed projects. So like, craftalong pictures, swap gallery stuff, everything.


I’d like that too. Sometimes it’s really tedious scrolling back through a long topic looking to revisit an image that was posted somewhere by someone but I forget who or where, lol.


@Magpie - the longer threads are really challenging!

I was able to search >select in topic> and use “.jpeg” and you can see a results set with a listing of each post with an image. Although there aren’t thumbnails you are able to click on a post, and it takes you to the selection. Then if it’s not the right one, you can re-click on the search glass, and the same results set is there, and you can continue looking.

    [of course, if they loaded a png, it doesn't work]


In Advanced Search
Posted by > select user
Under Only return topics > select include images

the search field looks like this: [@Magpie with:images]
then search, and it seems to work, regardless of file type. Still no thumbnails, but there you go!

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Bookmarking your solution, thanks lady!

@Magpie I edited my post after you replied. Check out the steps above & image for steps.

Oh, I forgot about that black setting, haha. Thought we were looking at Disc for a sec there :smiley:

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Yeah, I did that as soon as I saw it as an option!

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