Show us your backyard!

We have a show us your garden thread but not one for your backyard. It’s time to change that. I can’t wait to see everyone’s happy relaxing place!


Just for funsies, here is what our backyard looked like on Monday morning. I was standing in the back door.

We had not been expecting 6" (15+cm) which is why I didn’t feel like I needed to shut the tailgate on my pickup, Bert! Anyway our house sits at the highest corner of the property and so there isn’t much to the back yard - mostly just that woodshed I built a few years ago.


Oh my goodness! It’s really peaceful looking there.


That is beautiful! We haven’t had decent snow in two years. I miss it.

Right now I am still working in some last-minute new garden beds. Here is half my back yard from a couple ofndays ago. We put up the fence this year because our dog runs laps in the raised beds. lol


@artsycandice I love your garden! If we ever get it together to utilize (entirely redo) the garden space that came with our place, we’ll start by fencing it against the dog, but also deer, rabbits, raccoons, bears, etc. Oof!

@MissingWillow It usually is quite peaceful! Except when neighbors go Full Yahoo on us.


Here’s our backyard. When we moved the #1 thing on my list was a peaceful backyard. We only have neighbors on one side and nobody behind us.

We do have a small lime tree but that’s the extent of our “garden”.

There are 2 dog runs on either side of the pool enclosure about a hundred foot long each so the puppies can stretch their legs


@artsycandice Love your garden spot! Do you start your own seeds indoors?

@bethntim That looks so inviting!

Wow! I love our very green backyard but on a hot summer day I’d love to swap with you!

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I start a handful, yes. I may have several trays that have been started for…six weeks… or more now. Esp! I am always so excited for spring but could not do much of anything until we got the fence up. I will end up buying more starts this year though to help fill it in.


Wow! You must live in California or somewhere similar. You just don’t see backyards like that in Oregon. lol. That looks so peaceful. I could so use a trip to a space like that now. lol


Florida! I’m about an hour from the beach and we have a boat too so if it involves water, we’re IN! Lol!


Wow! I have never been to Florida. I’ve been to Louisiana, and North Carolina for a blink, but that is it. lol
I have only been on a boat once or twice, whale watching when I was a kid and I felt sick the whole time. :grin:


Ooh, all the nature in your yards is so lovely. What nice places to be!

My parents are in Florida too, with a big pool that’s sort of indoor/outdoor but no hottub. I’ve never been but my sister likes to take my daughter there. She’s a single lady who plays that marvelous doting auntie role. We had one growing up, it’s such a great family tradition.

Our back yard is a mess right now. We were so hoping to have it ready for this summer but between illness and lockdowns it’s been impossible getting the work done. Maybe there will be photos to share before autumn, one can only hope, right?


And I’ve never been west of the Mississippi (at least not in the US)

I had one of those too! Every family needs one!

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Here are some flowers in the backyard. We are doing a few new things. We have a lot of space that we used to put a pool but it is such a hassle so this year we decided to add some fountains and plants. I will post pics once it is done.


So pretty!

Here are some overviews of the backyard. It is still in progress as nothing has grown in yet because of the weather.

I don’t think you can see the koi pond. It is behind the palm tree. We have 2 koi and several goldfish. The heron comes in and thins it out for us a couple of times a year.

This section used to be a driveway. We are going to turn it into an oasis. I will have an umbrella, lounge chairs, fountains and other plants around. Our neighbor’s fence is so crappy. We are going to cover it up and add some hanging baskets.


I love the tropical feel it has to it. Do you have any funky lights for night time hanging out?

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We did last year but they died so I am on the hunt for new ones.

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Until I moved to South Carolina in March 2020, I’d never been east of the Mississippi River!

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