Simple dishcloths and scrubbies

I’ve been making a lot of dishcloths and scrubbies for my mom. Her new house should be finished sometime this month, and since she loves knit and crochet cotton dishcloths, I’ve been making a bunch of new ones as part of a housewarming gift for her. I made her about 20 new dishcloths for her about five years ago, and she’s since gone through them all.

I got some scrubby yarn on clearance a while back. I was able to get four 4 inch pink scrubbies, three 4 inch purple scrubbies, and one 5 inch purple scrubby out of the two skeins I picked up.

I have a bunch of cotton yarn on hand. There is an amazing craft recycling thrift store in my town called ReCraft Greenville. I picked up a bunch of cotton for super cheap. Here is what I’ve made her so far. I plan on making more and I’ll add them to this post as I get more done. She won’t run out of these for a while :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All of these are nine inch squares.

And with 8 scrubbies and 16 dishcloths, I think I am done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great idea for a housewarming!

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Wow, what a great yield from your yarn! Your mom’s dishes will be spotless for years to come. The stripy pink scrubbies are especially appealing.

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Great sets of scrubbies! You’re on such a roll. I did the same thing in the two months before the baby was born. I stash busted so much cotton and ended up with a stack of dishcloths for my gift stash.


Wow! What a haul! And every time your mom is at the sink washing up she’ll be reminded of the care you took for her!

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These all look fantastic! And I’m going to message you for more info about that store!

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You’ve been busy!! These are great and your mom will love them!!

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