Simple twine wreath - Green Holiday “Greens” 2022 Entry

I was inspired by the green challenge to pull out the piece of broken Christmas tree that I had kept for at least 5 years (with the very intent) to make a wreath for our front door.

I went op shopping and came across some aqua/mint and some silver bead garlands on the Christmas decoration table, so I went hunting in our spare/odd bauble box to find some coordinating colours. I then pulled out my random fabrics (remnants, clothing, etc) and found a bunch of cool stuff. The organza is more of a dark raspberry colour.

For the wreath form I used a wire coathanger and pulled it to shape and cut the ends off some tan plane socks to add some bulk and wrapped twine all over.

The more I wrapped, the more I liked its simplicity, so I decided not to add all my coordinating fabric finds.

Once I’d wrapped almost a whole ball of twine it was done (or maybe I was done) and I then added one strand of the aqua beads around and the baubles with hot glue. I think I will think about creating some coordinating decor for next year with those fabrics because I loved the colours and the texture mix.


Every sock in my “lost” sock bag wants to be a wreath now!

What a brilliant idea…and, I really like both the fluffy and the more wrapped forms!

I love those colors as well…and re-use and thrifting makes this wreath a wonderful entry into the challenge!


This came out fantastic! I agree the colors and textures are great. I’m so glad the challenge gave you the inspiration to make something you’d planned to for a while!

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Oooh, I love the idea of making your own wreath form with a coat hanger and socks! I wear holes in the ends of ALL of my socks, and this would be such a great way to give them a new purpose in life. I also love the simplicity of the twine-wrapped form; so glad you stopped there. I do also love the trio of ornaments and spray of evergreen as a focal point. Great wreath!


This is fantastic! I love the combination of “rustic” and “glamor” of the twine and shiny. The colors are gorgeous, too. And so great that this is upcycle and reuse all the way to the core.


Thanks everyone!

I never would have guessed those were socks. How clever and inventive!

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