"Sing A Happy Song" 3-D Cardinal Model Magic Sculptured Art

I was playing around with several ideas for the 4x6 swap, and while I absolutely adore this cardinal (and other pieces to be shared soon), I decided the cost was prohibitive this time to send these and went with other pieces.

The good news is that means I can share these now!

First, I created a 4x6 base. Then, I added the elements and included smaller texture elements.

Then, I painted!

Here are some views showing the 3D aspect.

This was my 3rd in this style. I’ll be sharing a beach and faux assemblage, too.

This was fun to make. I may or may not list this in STS, but will most likely be making more in this style.

Thanks for looking.


The piece is cute, and the photography really caught my eye! You have some beautiful photographs of the piece; I especially like the 2 last ones.


The bird turned out great. You can tell you are having a lot of fun with Model Magic. Is it like Sculpey?


Maybe? I haven’t used Sculpey. It is soft, light, and not sticky.

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Wow! That turned out great. I look forward to seeing the others.

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Interesting take on 4x6 art! Love it.


There’s a lot of texture here! I particularly like how the wing turned out.


Thanks, me too, even though it kinda makes me think of spaghetti.

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